We sure did get some nasty weather yesterday afternoon ... out of nowhere the winds picked up ... and picked up ... and picked up!  Pretty soon the trees were being picked up too!  We had very minimal damage with just a few trees downed in the yard and woods; but some of the neighboring places got it pretty bad.  Our power was out until midnight last night ... so glad to have that back on :)

On the flowage we heard of some boats that got away in the wind ~ while they were still tied to the docks.  Docks and boats were afloat.  Yes, there certainly has been a bunch of unstable weather in this country lately.  All the tornadoes that have gone through the states already this year ... and the flooding ... and it's still early in the season.  Who knows what's in store??

Last night, since the power was out and we couldn't do much around home ... Dear Hubby and I decided to go fishing.  The winds had calmed down and we decided to go out and see if we could catch a few crappies.

We only fished for an hour; but we did manage to catch nine of them.  Actually, we caught about nineteen of them; but only kept nine.  I think everyone I caught I heard Slim say, "let him go so he can grow."

It was nice sitting on the bank, catching fish with my Dear Hubby again.  We hadn't done that for awhile.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. i don't eat fish, but those look like good-sized catches! they're so pretty too!

    glad you and dar both were spared serious damage. yikes!

  2. Oh, I know those little crappie were delicious, yum! The winds have been terrible here too Mel, I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind and do the right thing!

  3. Oh how neat---getting to sit on the bank and fish!!!!! Life is good, huh???? BUT--I'm sorry to read on your blog and Dar's about the high winds... Scary!!!! Glad you all are okay... Take Care!

  4. So cool that you were able to get in a good fishing trip. Glad ya didn't get skunked :)
    Sorry to hear about your crazy weather. We have all had our share of crazy weather! Now it's time to have sweet summer. Can't wait!
    Hope the rest of your week is a good one :)

  5. I read the weather was bad last night as close as Munising....we lucked out! Have ya got the fish cleaned yet??

  6. And here Mom was right~~~you were out for supper last night! What a nice catch of crappie. I can smell ya frying them now.
    Let's hope Ma Nature is done with her PMS for awhile.

  7. Now that is taking good advantage of a bad situation. Way to go.
    Sorry about the storms though and glad your damage was minimal.
    This has been the weirdest year in my 71 years on this earth. It does make you wonder what Summer has in store.

  8. I've never heard of those kind of fish but the thought of sitting on the bank of the river catching them with your hubby ... well sounded kind of romantical!!!

    Yes the weather has been out of sorts this year for sure.

  9. How come when the women go fishing, our catches always end up back in the lake?

  10. Glad you didn't have damage. I like to go fishing but not to fish. lol I just like to walk around to see what I can see.

  11. I am happy that you didn't have any damage and that you are OK.

  12. Have lost 3 comments so I better keep this short. We are forcaste severe weather. Just so the tree we want out does not come doen on our house.

  13. I think it's wonderful that you go fishing with Slim and seem to enjoy it as much as he does. And the results - great pan fried "mess" of Crappie! Frances just doesn't care for the outings so much - but she's glad when/if I bring home the fish. ☺ I did bring home some sassafras root last Friday and she made two gallons of tea!!!

  14. Yummy ~ a fresh pan of crappies ~ I'm drooling! They are such good tasting little things and of course for me they conjur up a mess of good memories.
    'love & hugs from afar'