sara's b'day~

It's hard to believe that my second child of three is 32 years old today.  Happy Birthday Sara!

I scanned part of a page from her scrapbook.  It was the day she came home from the hospital and big sister Staci met her for the first time. Notice the blue blanket from her Aunt Cheryl ... she thought for sure she was going to be a boy.  Her Grandpa Punky thought so too ~ and as I recall quite a few bets were lost that day when she came out missing an appendage. lol

It has been such a wonderful experience growing old with my kids.  It's just hard to believe though how fast the years have gone by.  It seems like yesterday when I first held my sweet little Sara Jean for the first time.

  She was a happy baby ~ always with a big smile ... 

 She was a funny one ... her favorite shirt was her frog shirt ... and she loved putting on the Mr. Potato Head lips.  Also, she was a handful to keep clothes on when she was two. I couldn't count how many times she would go outside and strip! Cars would be driving by and honking their horns.

Besides being a stripper, Sara went through a whole year between two and three ... being a mini Sally Jessie Raphael ... wearing her red sunglasses with the lenses popped out.  She LOVED THOSE GLASSES!!!

Yep... she was my little clown.  All my kids were and still are a lot of fun to be around.  I love each and everyone of them and their sense of humor. 

and now she's all grown up ~ 

still smiling and happy:)  with a happy husband and a "where's waldo" brother who always seems to show up in the picture... lol

Sara... I'm proud to be your Momma ~ you make me smile:) 

Happy Birthday baby girl ~ thank you for being you!! I love you!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. What great photos...and such a loving tribute to your daughter!

  2. A loving tribute to your daughter, and I loved watching her grow. Mine are mostly in their 50's now except for my youngest. They have kids who have kids and all so involved in making a living I don't see them much. Bot I do enjoy being with them when I can. Take care of yourself.

  3. she looks like a joy and a treasure! :)

  4. Well... Happy , Happy Birthday!
    Couldn't ask for a better blessing than having a daughter that is a joy to be around, and has honored her parents by being such a wonderful daughter.
    Hope she has a great birthday :)

  5. I love, Love, LOVE you SARA JEAN! You are a treasure. I love the memory lane Your Mom took us down. I remember just about every one of those pictures, and do I ever remember your love of those SJR glasses. And your Mom sure was right about that contagious smile. Very seldom did I ever see a frown. You are a sweetie pie, punkin, sugarplum gal.
    BlessYourHeartSara and HappyBirthday
    YourOnlyFavoriteAuntDar....there's no way you are already 32.

  6. Happy Birthday Sara Jean....and thanks for making your Mom a happy are a special lady for sure....again Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! hugs from KY

  7. Happy Birthday to Sara... What a beautiful girl --turned woman!!!! I know you are proud of her, Mel...

  8. Great entry about my BEAUTIFUL niece. People do think she's mine you know! I laughed so hard about her SJR glasses! What a hoot! Sara's a gem. Love her to pieces.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a lovely smile she carried with her all the years.

  10. Happy birthday Sara and many many more.

  11. Awww who would have thought I would turn out to be such a great kid... I sure didnt lol! I remember always running around with my SJR glasses on long before she ever made them cool! I love the trip down memory lane Mom but I cant believe you put a naked pic of me on here.... I couldnt help that I couldnt stand to have clothes on and was always flashing people.... thank god I finally grew out of that stage a few years ago!!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and I love you with all my heart... Im really gonna miss you when Don Don and I move to Eau Claire.

    Hugs and Love
    Sara Jean

  12. Happy Birthday!!