hello my peeps~

I hope all the mothers out there in cyberspace had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

We had gorgeous weather yesterday ~ finally!!! It was in the 70's , sunny, a nice gentle breeze ... you couldn't of asked for a better day. Today it's overcast and it's suppose to start raining and continue to rain throughout the week... BUT I'm not complaining ~  it's not snowing :)

Even Bailey Bug is smiling again:

All three of my kiddo's were over for Mother's Day ... showering the Momma with love and gifts :)

I received a beautiful potted plant ... called an Ipomoea.  It kind of reminds me of the sweet potato vine.

I also received a tray of mixed annuals ~ to be tucked into the flowerbeds:

PLUS a huge ... double decker ... quadruple feeding station ... needs to be put on a post somewhere or hanging from a cable between two trees so the bear doesn't destroy it ... bird feeder:

Yes ... I am blessed to have such giving and loving children :) and grandloves :)

We also have been very busy all of a sudden ... making firewood for the next winter blast ... doing yard work ... trying to get my flower beds back in order ... getting ready for the gardening season, etc...  all those fun things that just all of a sudden seem to come at once when the weather finally gets nice. 

Hopefully, we'll even get some time to go fishing now that season is open and we no longer have the bait shop and can get away once in awhile.  We closed our bait shop in September of 2009 and we still have customers stopping in for bait.  Some days I really miss it ... not!  I loved our customers ~ but not the hassle of carrying a live perishable product - minnows, leeches, worms, night crawlers, etc...  They were a LOT of work.

I also made up another batch of blueberry jam from some of the berries I had in the freezer from last summer's picking:

Those berries were so big and scrumptious!
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. woo hoo! looks like spring and gardening season is upon you! enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Hi Mel, Glad your kids visited and spoiled you yesterday. I heard from all of mine also. LOVE that huge bird feeder... Neat!!!!

    Glad Spring is coming to your area now.... We have some beautiful colors in our yard now ---but also lots of weeds..ha

    The Blueberry jam looks delicious.

  3. Suspending that beauty of a feeder between two trees sound like a great idea, or between the trees and your deck. That'll keep the squirrels at bay too. Looks like you had an awesome day.
    Blueberry jam?...yuuum!

  4. You are such a busy person Mel! The blueberries look so yummy. I am glad you enjoyed your Mother's are great on Mother's Day and I enjoyed mine too. I am so happy for you that your weather has turned nice because you do enjoy being outdoors. Enjoy girl!

  5. Wow that is some bird feeder. Keep those plants warm. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day.

  6. Ah yes, Mother's Day ~ that ONE wonderful day of the year that it pays off for having our hooligangs! ROFL
    Glad you have a great one - complete with gifts!
    Now I'm drooling for blueberries ~ thanks!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Glad you're day was nice. Both my daughters called and sent nice gifts but I still have this cruddy allergy so we'll get together later. Did see them last week-end.

  8. Yes I see green grass in your yard finally! Happy for you. Good to see a smile on Bailey's face. She is a cutie pie. I love that red plant. So colorful. Your jam looks so yummy. I hope to learn how to make jam & jelly this summer. Blessings!

  9. So glad Spring is springing finally. Now the work starts, or at least it did for me.
    Those blue berries look yummy and I can't wait to see that feeder station with a full seating. Are you ever going to go thru bird seed.

  10. You certainly are loved. How wonderful to get all the gardening gifts :)
    Wowsers ! Love that you made yummy jam !
    I'll just send along my address... hee, hee :)
    Hope your week is a great one, and that you get that fishing in !

  11. Mel, I love reading about all the happenings in your neck of the woods. You always have a wealth of helpful information and pictures of your capabilities in the kitchen and in the field. Hope you get to go fishing soon!

  12. Your mother's day sounds wonderful. The jam looks delicious.

  13. Well if thats not the epitomy of a Spring Day in Wisconsin, I dont know what is!

    Happy belated Mothers day - yours was a "fruitful" one :D!