cake in a mug ~

Do you ever get such a crazy craving for chocolate cake?  HOT CHOCOLATE CAKE ... and you know you can't stand to wait the 30 minutes plus to make it AND bake it before you can eat it?

Plus you know if you make a big ol' cake it will get eaten ... and do you really NEED a big cake sitting around taunting you and teasing you ... eat me ... eat Me ...  EAT ME!!!!!  I know I don't need a big cake sitting around - because I'll eat it.

Here's my solution - cake in a mug and it only takes 3 minutes!  Actually it takes about 4 minutes start to finish if you have the ingredients in close reach.

Grab a big coffee mug.  Spray the inside  with cooking spray.  Plop in an egg.

Now cover up that egg with a big tablespoon of flour, a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder, a spoonful of sugar (I use Splenda), a splash of milk (about a tablespoon full) and a spoon of veggie or canola oil.  Add a dash of vanilla, and a  smidgin' of salt if you desire. A smidgin' is just a wee bit smaller than a dash just in case you're one of those measuring kinda cooks.

Take your fork ... no it's not ready to eat yet .... take your fork and give it a swirl ~

Stir the ingredients just until it's all mixed together.  

Put it in the microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes.

It will rise up to the top of the cup and then go back down.  It will do this several times.    When it goes back down ... like a fallen souffle and doesn't rise again ... it's done!  Watch it close ... it might only take 2 1/2 minutes in your microwave ... better yet ... then you get to eat it sooner!

Have a bowl or plate ready ~

Flop that hot little creation of decadent chocolate into your bowl ...
give it quick cut in half and slather on some whipped cream ( I use sugar free Cool Whip )  gotta watch the sweets ya know.

my craving for chocolate cake has been subdued :)

If you're really hungry just skip that last step of putting it in a bowl and just eat it out of the mug.  Caution though ... it's hot ... but ohhhhhhhhh so good.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Yummy! This looks mighty tasty. I've always wanted to make one of these, but never have because it sounded too complicated. However, with your handy-dandy tutorial, I'll give it a try real soon (and may post a photo of it on my blog with a linky back to you).
    I like your explaining about a dash and a smidgin', I'd never heard it explained before and you are spot-on on the definitions. Thanks so much. You make cooking fun. :)
    How's the weather? Has the snow melted much more? I hope you all are finally seeing signs of Spring.
    Wishing you a weekend of sunshine and melting snow. :)

  2. CLEVER and QUICK, indeed. Perfect snack food.

  3. I have this little recipe but have never tried it. It would be perfect for a crazy chocolate craving woman like me. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. I think there is no cure for he chocoholic! Maybe you guys could find a support group. hahahahahahah

    Looks good and simple, but I would rather have an Empire Apple.

    Now my sweetheart, Dats a horse of a different color!!!

    (((HUGS))) from down here. Hope the snow is leaving(WE HAD SPRING TODAY!)

  5. sounds gooood. I make the one with the Angel Food cake mix and any flavor reg. cake mix together, etc, etc. soooo good and no egg.
    A Brownie filled the void tonight.