spring time and birds ~

It's around 11:00 p.m. as I make this post on Sunday, April 21st.  It's raining ... yes I said RAINING not snowing for a change.

It's 34 degrees out ~ so we'll see if the temperatures drop tonight and I'll either wake up to an iced over view or maybe... just maybe the temps will stay above freezing and our spring will be here.

Just thought I'd share some pictures that I took yesterday.  Notice ALL THE SNOW!!

~ a couple of old crows ~

~ the birds have really been hungry ...

Beautiful snowy trees on the edge of my yard.  Hopefully, this will be my last snow post.  It's pretty to look at - but I've seen this scene more than I care too.

~ hard to believe it's April ... it looks more like January

~ There was ice on the bird feeder and the stick that I have screwed to the deck post, as a landing perch for the birds,  apparently was slippery.  I couldn't believe I got this shot of that chickadee as it flew in and then fell off the perch!  ~

 ~ I'm not too fond of Mr. Hawk eyeing up the song birds ...

~ a Junco hiding out in the shadows of the spruce tree ...

~ a perfect pose :)
AND ...
bonus shots ~ thanks to my daughter Staci of some swans that are waiting for the creek to thaw.  They nest by her place every year.

So .... all I have left to say about the crazy weather we've been having:

Off to get some shut eye.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Well, it's 1:23am at your place and I see it's 36 degrees. Perhaps spring has arrived... but that seems darn cold to me!

  2. LOVELY photos of the birds. So pretty. Bet they sound sweet singing. It was 30 here last night but we're expecting upper 50's tomorrow. Hope you get some of the same.

  3. Hey where did you find that sun? I'm about ready to go back to AZ, but I did hear a warming trend for the weekend is on its way. I hope those weather guys aren't giving us a false hope!!!

  4. Ma, I love the bird pics, they make me miss those summer mornings out on the porch enjoying the birds singing while drinking a cup of coffee. I have been taking pics of my birds around here that I still need to get uploaded. I noticed this morning that the morning doves are nesting in my bush by the front door, I will have to try to get some pics as things progress with the nest building. I love ya and miss ya, give everyone hugs and kisses for me!

  5. oh I forgot to tell you that I called Dad at work last night to invite him for supper. I was rubbing it in that we were having burgers on the grill and then laughed and said "Oh yeah, you can't you live too far away!" Pay backs for a couple weeks ago when he called me to see if I wanted to come for pork roast and dumplings...I'm still waiting for my care package!?!?!?! lol

  6. What a sweet entry, I like the pictures and your narrative, although you do not have SPRING in real, the rest is a great read along with the pictures.

    BUT I had to smile at:
    I hope Summer falls on Saturday!

    Love & Hugs from North Carolina
    Sherry & Jack

  7. Hi Mel... as beautiful as the northern part of Wisconsin is, I'm getting to be less and less a winter person as the years go on... as you noted on my bog, it's really time for spring but I see you have more chances for snow heading your way... we're finally on the warmer side of the line! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post... Larry

  8. Your sweet Redpoll pics are so darned cute...especially that inquisitive one wondering where the heck the green grass and nesting supplies are.
    As I write this, yes, more snow is falling in quarter-sized flakes.
    BlessYa.......done with maple syruping at our house so I'm coming for coffee soon, before you sell all those bird houses.

  9. Lovely shots!!! We're "glad" to be home (yeah, right) and back to SNOW!! ARRGGHH!!!

    We were going to start feeding the birds but after looking at $30.00 for a 50 pound bag of sunflower seed, we decided to hold off a while longer!

  10. I hope the rain and warmer temp held out and you all got a good melting. I know you all must be about buggers and have bouts of cabin fever. Bless your hearts.

    Your birdies are lovely. It's great that you feed them. They probably appreciate not having to dig and scavenge after food.
    I agree about the hawk. They are a vicious lot when they spot easy prey in innocent creatures enjoying their life.
    The circle of life is an ugly thing sometimes.

    Sending warm thoughts and sunny dreams. :)

  11. Love all your birds but I'm with those swans waiting for the creeks to thaw so I can go troutfishing...:)