where's spring ~

I go online and visit other blogs and people are showing their spring flowers.

So I thought I'd take you for a small stroll outside and show you mine.

Here's the same flower bed today that's in the photo above:

Here's another of the same flower bed.  I'm not complaining ~ just a few weeks ago you couldn't even see the rocks and driftwood.

Yes ~ we are still up to our knees in snow!!

The snow banks are going down though ... just not fast enough.  You can actually see the ground now between the snow bank and the sidewalk. Yay!!

Here's the fairy garden that runs the length of the garage:

It's melting ... but at this rate our springtime will soon be into summer.  Our growing season is getting shorter and shorter.  We still won't be able to put the garden in until June. The snow will be gone; but we still have to wait for the frost to get out of the ground before planting.  Seeds won't germinate no matter how soon you plant them if the ground temperature isn't warm enough.

Then come September ... mid October we'll be right back into winter weather again.  Yes, it's a challenge growing a garden up here in Agriculture Zone 3 aka. the frozen tundra.  The Alaskan coastline has warmer weather and a better growing   season than this section of Wisconsin.

Oh well ... what you gonna do - 'cuz I have no intention of moving.

So ~ I patiently await the warmer weather ... but I really hope it comes on soon!  I already ordered and received my garden seed and around the 15th of this month my mushroom spores will be arriving.  I'm getting the itch to get into the dirt :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. After seeing your pictures I can't complain. It's been in the 20's the past couple weeks here.

  2. As you well know, you can fuss with the Mother of Nature, but it does no good!
    Some folk are planted and have roots. Roots that stretch for vacations but draw you back.
    Well I guess we are the same, we return to NC, cause that is where we were born.

    Good read, hope the Spring THAW is serious and continues.


  3. Yes that is the way I am about moving. I complain about the heat and dryness but I stay 'cause this is what and where I've always known. The snow does look pretty but I probably wouldn't know how to handle it, I've seen it so few times.

  4. Oh WOW! That's a lot of snow still covering your ground! You have such a short growing season! Is it unusual for you to still have that much snow on the ground at the beginning of April? Our weather's been crazy here in Georgia. The last two days have been really cold and wet. We usually have our tomatoes planted by now:)

  5. well it does look beautiful in snow, lol, we still have lots too, its still snowing in fact, I can't wait to see that fairy garden!

  6. I admit, our snow is further gone than yours but still a good patch of the stuff on my front lawn. The garden is bare though and I saw a few crocus blooming and the tulips are just tipping out of the ground. I'll have to cover them soon or the deer will have them as an appy.

  7. This crazy weather that we choose to live in! It keeps us on our toes. I want it to thaw but not so fast that it causes flash flooding ... another condition of living Up North with Mel! At least that springtime sun is feeling warmer - when it decides to come out of hiding.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Bless your heart. I can't imagine being snowed in like that. Your region has been battered unmercifully this year. Maybe a warm Spring rain will come soon and help speed up the melting.

    Someday, when you have a few minutes, could type up a list of the names/varieties of the veggies you all plant. You have such hearty harvests in such a short growing season that it's always made me wonder if you use the same varieties of veggies that we do down here in the south.
    Of course, I figure your green thumb has alot to do with it too, but without getting a green tattoo I doubt my thumb ever gets green. lol
    You've got my admiration.
    Sending warm thoughts your way!

  9. I love that the 2013 Winter is getting a talking to...yes, it can go now. My patience has worn thin. The guys have been wading knee deep in it to get to the sap buckets so they can make a batch of maple syrup. At least the nights are cold and the days are warming enough for the sap to run...come on spring, anytime now would be greatly appreciated.