bird houses ~

I got my craft on :)

Yep ... it's still snowing here in sunny one minute, cloudy and overcast the next, in beautiful northern Wisconsin.

The trees are just hanging with the white stuff -

So while I'm waiting for the spring thaw ... or summer ... which ever comes first ... I decided to 'get my craft on'.  So bird houses it is.  Here's a few of them - still a work in progress:

This batch will still get a strand of barb wire twists on them for hangers and decoration.

My crafting is my therapy for cabin fever.  Gosh - this has been a LONG winter.  We sure can't complain about a lack of snow this season!

I guess it's also time I start thinking about pulling my berries out of the freezer and start making up some jam and jelly again too.  Ahhhhhhh.... so much to do and nothing but time on my hands to get it done :)  - now I just need the kick in the pants and the stamina to get at it.  It won't be long and I'll have the resorts calling in their orders.

I know I complain at times about not being able to get outside and be digging in the dirt and tending to my gardens; but I also NEED these kind of days for all those other little projects I always have going on.

"This is the day which The Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalms 118:24

I keep telling myself that bible verse - but seriously Lord?  Have we not had a long enough winter?  How much snow is enough already?  I know shoveling is good exercise and it gets the ol' heart rate up - but so is gardening.  AND I have mushroom spores that are going to be delivered this week and I really don't have room in my refrigerator to store them.

Oh rats ... now I just remembered I was going to clean out the refrigerator.  There's something fuzzy in the veggie crisper.  It's either a cucumber or a carrot.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I really like the bird houses, are they for real birds or for decorating purposes, I used to make them for our visiting birds, nothing more satisfying than having house you built chosen by a chickadee or wren!
    I so sick of the snow, hasn't this just been the longest winter, we got a lot of snow last night and more coming, will it ever end!


  2. Many birds gonna be happy this year. New homes, refurbished and ready for occupants.

    You guys do have some pretty weather, but Imma staying down here in the winter.

    Love and (((HUGS))) from North Carolina.

  3. I love your birdhouses! Good medicine for you AND the birds! Uh, like killing two birds with one stone. Groan! I do hope warm weather aims your direction soon so you can move out of the winter doldrums. Nofun! (Excepting when you get as creative as those birdhouses are. Really nifty!

  4. well, now aren't those just the cat's meow! Are those the one's going to Bernie's? They should sell well.

  5. Ma, the birdhouses turned out great, you should send one down yonder to me so I can put it out for my birds... hint hint! I need to take some pics and send them to ya, I have some plants coming up along the sidewalk, but I don't know for sure what they are. I think some of them are tulips and lilies of some sort but there are a few others that I'm lost on. I would also like to send some warm weather to ya but its been cold down here also, other than the other day when it was 76 and so humid we had to turn the air on just so we could breathe. Puddin Head said he saw snow in the rain today, I told him to watch his mouth and close his dang eyes and that it was NOT SNOWING lol. I love and miss ya, come visit us!!!!

  6. You are amazing. Is there nothing you can't do. The bird houses are so whimsical and enchanting. You're so talented. It's great you make such wonderful use of your time.
    I'M praying for it to warm up in your region.
    Wishing you a warm, sunny, snow/ice melting weekend. :)

  7. The bird houses are really cute.

  8. LOVE the birdhouses. Hope the snow stops soon.

  9. The bird houses you made are awesome! Do you sell them or are you getting an early start on Christmas presents? ;-)

  10. Better to find something fuzzy than wet and gooey! I can't even tell what it was when it was first stored in the crisper. LOL