in wisconsin ~

Spring is here!

Even our cows are breaking down fences and walking to California ~ seeking happiness!

We may miss out on springtime - but summer is only 9 weeks away ~

It was 10 degrees out this morning when I looked at the thermometer.  Talk about a winter chill in APRIL!!!  Oh well ~ at least there's no mosquitoes.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ha, ha, ha! No mosquitoes! Always a silver lining. Love the snowman in the boat.

  2. I'm with Sings, no mosquitoes is a plus!
    Great entry love the sarcasm, but I know it is really tongue in cheek. Just cannot see you sarcastic (Right Slim?) Anyway I'm glad spring made it, but 10 degrees is pretty drastic for suntan time.

    ((HUGS)) hope the thaw comes pretty soon!!!
    Love from here. I'm not telling you that I see 74 on the scale here.

  3. We've had a little bit of a cool front come through... but NOTHING LIKE THAT! OMG!

  4. Like all the pictures. We were even a little cooler this morning.

  5. It snowed here yesterday but didn't stick. LOVE your sense of humor about this rough spring.

  6. whatever keeps us smiling, right, Mel? We had 4F degrees this morning when Bill went out to stoke the Maple Syrup cook-off...we're pulling taps tomorrow even tho we would still have another good week's run. Enough's Enough.
    Keep it between the snowbanks.