go away ice ~

The ducks and geese have made their way north again ...

... now it's just a waiting game for the ice to be gone.  This pic was taken this morning by the Sailor Creek Flowage boat landing.  The whole flowage is still frozen over with the exception by the dam and below and by the creek flowing into it.

Wherever there's open water ... you can see some type of duck or goose ~

Even the loons have made the journey north already ... although May is only a few days off and there should be no ice.  What a rude surprise the waterfowl got this year.

Hang in there you honkers and quackers and feather flappers ~ if the sun keeps shining the shorelines will soon be free of snow and the ice flows will be history. Although, I really don't see all the thick ice being gone by next weekend ~ which is the opener of the fishing season.  If you're thinking about traveling north to fish from a boat in my neck of the woods.... I'd double think that!

Old Man Winter is taking his jolly old time this year in leaving.

Even Sam had to get in on some of the sunshine and snow one last time today ...
yep ... that's him at the end of the driveway on the snowmobile ~

"But Mom, it's above 50 degrees, the sun is shining, there's still snow on the ground and it's the end of April!" "T-shirt weather and I'm snowmobiling!"

 Time to park that old Ski Doo!! but seriously, there is a LOT of snow yet in the woods.  The only place where it's open is patches in the yard and alongside the roads and in fields.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. UNBELIEVABLE. I bet you can't wait to see green grass. We had been in the 30's at night here with frost last week. But it finally went up to 60 today.

  2. Hey Mel Lady, some great shots and good narrative. Strange the clocks in the migratory birds. Such an amazing instinct built into their brain.
    Imma guessing they wish they could have watched the weather channel afore heading North. I love to see them migrating and I always question in my mind, how do you know it is time?

    Love the entry, as always a fun visit. ((HUGS)) to you and the Master Slim..

  3. Sam has the right idea, one last time...and at least we had a gorgeous day today. The little guys spent the day in t-shirts and rubber boots. They had a blast.

  4. I am in the same boat. Only we don't have a snowmobile, so my husband took the ATV out and got it stuck in the snow. It is like we cement. If it will just stay warm a little longer. Hopefully, no may storms. I so wish we had loons. I love the Hooded Merganzers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. No coat on and snow...unbelievable!!Hahaa

  6. Spring is finally well on its way here in southern MN. I'm going trout fishing today. Wish me luck!