making history ~

As of April 14th , we ~  the folks up in my neck of the woods of northern Wisconsin are making history in NOT yet hitting the 50 degree Fahrenheit mark on the thermometer.

The last time that it took this long to hit 50 degrees during our spring warm up was in 1908!

So ~ each day that we stay below that 50 degrees ... we are making history.

Fun fact for someone who doesn't live here.

We still have a good foot of snow on the ground.  The poor confused robins ... and other song birds that are returning.  The frost still needs to come out of the ground after the snow leaves before there'll be worms crawling around and surfacing.  I heard the weather man say that there is still a good 2 feet of frost yet too.

Also, fishing season opens in a few weeks and there's still 30 some inches of ice on some of the lakes.  There's no way that boats will be getting launched on some of the lakes and flowages.  The guys were joking that they'll be out with their winter gear, tip-ups and jig rods and the ice augers to make some holes.  The joke just might be on them.

What concerns me though are the deer.  Yes, they can handle the cold and snow; but can those baby fawns handle this weird weather.  There are usually a few early births in the first part of May ~ into June.  I sure hope it warms up before the little babes of the northwoods start being born ... for all the critters ... some warmer weather would be nice.

 Oh well ... nothing anybody can do ... but wait it out and see what transpires.

Meanwhile ~ we'll just keep on making history :(

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'm feeling right blessed up here in the North Countreeee ... the ground is bare, the crocus are blooming, the tulips are up and making a come back after a dear deer munched them ALL back ... but I think it was early enough it didn't get the flower shoots. Whew. Might get at least a few flowers yet. I feel for you down there in the COLD and SNOW.

  2. UNBELIEVABLE weather this year. History is being made everywhere. Sorry you got the rotten end of the stick up there in Wisconsin.

  3. Reminds me of our record breaking draught two summers ago here in Texas. Everything you're going through in reverse. No rain and triple digit temps. that went on for what seemed like an eternity. Worse than the Dust Bowl of whenever that was they were saying. On the bright side, you'll have bragging rights that you survived it when spring finally gets there.

  4. Goodness. Is there a forecast for a break in the cold weather systems yet? Maybe setting a record this year means you'll get back to a more normal weather cycle next year.

    I'm with you on the wildlife concerns. Even though I know they'll survive, I do feel so sad for the harsh conditions they have to live in 24/7.

    Sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. Proud to know someone making history! I am sure you could do without it.
    (It's that global warming thingy!)

    sitting here seeing the sun and temp of 75 on my thermometer, it is hard to fathom 30" of ice! Shucks that is hard for me to fathom in January!

    ((HUGS)) Aw but Slim will keep you warm.....
    Love from down here wishing you warmer times...

  6. we be the record makers again, huh? Anyways, I am worried about the fawns and the birds too...at least they can still fly further south to nest.
    The fishing opener is going to be interesting. Mark and his crew with the dock business will still be putting docks in during the middle of summer the way the ice is still on.