a beautiful day ~

Today was a beautiful day.

Took a little stroll around the yard to see what I could see ~

the buds on the balsam trees ~

new growth on the mountain ash tree ~

new growth on the sedum ~

and a johnny jump up here and there ~

trilliums ~

the grandiflorum trillium ( like the regular ones ... only bigger ... I love them! )

Even my apple trees are FINALLY blooming!

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day and my little stroll as much as I did.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ahh, It's always a comfort and a joy to take a stroll with you. Breathtaking photos, my Friend. Sweet!

    Your trillium are beautiful. Ours have about fizzled out. I wonder why our variety doesn't open to a full flower like yours do? It's interesting how Mother Nature chose to do that. ;)

    I just love Johnny Jump Ups and all the wonderful blossoms and buds, telling us that Spring is finally breaking the grip of winter for you. Cool!

    From one great mind to the other, Wishing you a lovely rest of the weekend!

  2. I did enjoy the stroll with you.

  3. Today WAS a beautiful day, in more way than one. You know. Your blossoms and new buds everywhere do remind me to look closer as I stroll tomorrow.
    Thanks for the fun day. A bit perplexing and anxious at times, but fun and memorable.
    Love you sis.

  4. I love all your signs of Spring Mel, but especially the apple blossoms. I love apple trees and they are so pretty when full of blooms.

  5. How you know all that stuff? Sherry and I walk through the woods here and I recognize the honey suckles! Shucks, by both sight and smell. hahahahahaha

    So you once were a lover of swimming. I was too. I thought I could live in the water, however now I know something.........!

    Hope you are well, it is nice to walk in the springtime woods, it must be nicer to know what plants that you talk to.
    Love from NC.

  6. Thanks for sharing your walk
    with us Mel. You truly have a
    beautiful place. You've got
    the gift of the green-thumb.
    Mines more
    Enjoyed our phone visits, will be
    calling you real soon.
    Tell prickly pear hello...rofl.
    love ya, me