what to do~

As you know, my daughter is getting married in August and it's going to be an outside wedding in our back yard.  (Oh please Lord, give us beautiful weather)

Last night they finished up their invitations and the plans are coming together ... BUT

There is a little problem ~ or it could be a problem and I just don't know how to address it. 

The problem is this ~ one of the guest that will be invited has this little dog that she takes every where with her.  I don't mind her dog (sometimes) ... as long as it's at her place ... and not jumping up on MY table or trying to hump my leg or chewing on my furniture ... but ... when she brings her dog to my house it runs all over the place ...  it's a barker ... gets into stuff ... scratches around and runs through my flower beds and that I have a problem with.  When her dog gets barking ... then my dog thinks it has to be a barker too ... and then everyone is telling the dogs to shut up and that ... I don't like.  

I know if I say something to her she'll say that she'll keep the dog in the vehicle during the wedding ceremony ... and I know that won't work out either; because it'll still be barking and wanting out and then my dog will be barking and YIKES!!!! How do I approach her on the issue??  I don't want to hurt feelings; but I really don't want her to bring her dog or dogs to the wedding ... but I want her and her husband to come.  

How do I approach her on the issue without causing bad feelings?
PLEASE ... I'm open for suggestions!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mel, You have a heart of gold but she should certainly be accepting of the fact that 'This IS a wedding' and that the little dog or dogs are not invited. Simply tell her no...she would not be able to take them into the church and this is still church even tho it is outside. Besides, it sounds like they are a handful that neither you OR your guests, should have to deal with. Maybe tell her husband and he will tell her???? Good luck for this is a tough one.
    I will check prices for you today since you cannot join Mom and me. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. I can see where that would be a problem. She should be considerate enough to leave dogs at home. They don't belong at weddings. You may have to ask her not to bring it as it is to be a quite affair but then she will probably get her feelings hurt but then she shouldn't put you in a position to have to hurt her feelings. This is a tough one for sure. Helen

  3. Hi Mel, I don't have much sympathy for people like this. The dog stays HOME ---totally away from the wedding. No way would I allow the dog to be anywhere near the area that day!!!! Just tell her!

    Good Luck!

  4. Just forward your todays post to her! No apologies necessary.

  5. I say tell her if she doesn't understand then she isn'a a very good friend. The young lady who does my acupuncture had her dog in her wedding at the beach. It carried the ring and whined when she said her vows. lol

  6. We would honestly have the same problem. I wish I could just come right out and say how I feel, I do know that is the best approach, but I am always concerned someone will take it the wrong way.

    I would probably say,"I'm putting Roscoe out in the south forty or at DAR's house (LOL). Probably be best that we not have any animals around for the outdoor wedding. This is our daughters BIG day, I don't want anything to distract or spoil it."
    What I would like to say is, "I hope you can find a place for Toodles, I don't want her to upset Roscoe and get into a howling barking match during the ceremony. This is a very special day."

    You will work it out, but we do honestly understand the consternation. Best of luck to you.
    Love from NC

  7. Melody, I adore your compassionate heart. I can't imagine how awkward this must be for you & your daughter... but then I can't imagine anyone not understanding that dogs don't need to be a part of the guest list.

    I shall speak on behalf of my Penny, who is in ill health and falls apart when we leave her alone... Penny says that the puppy dog would be safer in a veterinarians kennel then to be traumatized by being around a bunch of strangers and being cooped up in a car.

    Also, if kenneled at the vets, the assistance usually takes the dogs for walks and plays with them and of course will care for them if any health issues arise. Well, our vet does. We love our vet & his staff. :) We have always chosen to leave our pets at the vets just for these reasons. It's worth the extra expense just for peace-of-mind.

    You and your daughter are in my most positive thoughts in resolving the dog issue.

    I am especially praying for a clear day of perfect weather and sunshine on your daughter's special day of celebration.

  8. Ok, Ok, I'll tell Fluffy she can't bring her dog....