scolding and chattering~

You should hear the ruckus I listen to in the morning as the sun comes up and the squirrels make their way to the deck in the morning to check out the bird feeders.  Constant scolding and chattering over who gets to be there first.

It's usually this gal who wins out ... she seems to be the dominate one.  It's the fat little momma red squirrel.

Remember her from one of my prior post ~ the big fat pregnant one ~ looking like she was ready to burst.

She must have a nest of little ones that she's attending to now.  She gets to the feeder... chases off the bigger gray squirrels... eats and she's on her way.

I have quite the mixtures of squirrels this year.  Red squirrels, gray squirrels, black squirrels and a cross between the grays and black.

The black squirrel though is camera shy.  I tried and tried this morning to get a shot of it; but it just refused to come close enough.  So I turned on the zoom on my camera and got these shots:

Then I noticed another squirrel that seems to be a mix of the black and gray squirrel:

After they settled down a bit and realized that I wasn't a threat to them they came in closer.  I guess hungry for some sun flower seeds over rode their fear.

Even the black squirrel overcame his fear of me and came sneaking up the steps to check things out:

Also... bonus shot ~ Mr or Mrs mud turtle was out on the rocks.  How do you tell the sex of a turtle??  Sara calls it Norman ... so I guess it's a Mr.  I picked him up to take a look; but couldn't see anything... lol... and then it peed on me.  So now I'm in agreement with Sara.... it's a Mister.

I felt kinda sorry for Norman ... having to live in the mud and the sludge of the black lagoon with no fresh water... sooooooooooooooooo~

When Sara and Don came over last evening I had them help me get it cleaned.

My waterfall is now up and functioning again and the black lagoon has fresh water.

I love how the sun reflects off the water in this pic:
At the top of my waterfall feature is an old cistern hand pump that used to be on the old farmstead we once lived at:

It's a piece of Slim's heritage ~ his great grandparents I'm sure pumped many a buckets of water with it.

This old blue heron is one of my little treasures.  He's heavy ... I'm not sure what he's made of ~ I believe cast iron.

Look at my poppies!  I'm sure by the end of the day they'll be opening up.  Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Good morning, Mel,
    I'm back from our time in Maine, and starting to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to getting caught up around here. Now I'm taking some time each day to get caught up on blog reading.

    Always good to visit with you and see what you and your family have been up to. You have such a pretty place, Mel. And I love your waterfall!

    The squirrels are cute. The black ones are so different looking.

  2. Nice entry Mel-o...I love the nose in the air squirrel and the Mama with her milk bottles protruding...cute.
    Man, those poppies are sure taking their time. Maybe they were waiting for the waterfall to compliment them. Have a great weekend.

  3. had never seen a black squirrel before. I had a lot of them in my pecan trees when I lived in San Antonio. They always liked to tease my dogs by running down the trunk and making their barking sound. I read on a site how to tell the difference in a male and female turtle but I still couldn't tell the difference in mine.

  4. Whoa lady! Gotta get this off my chest first. SO You decided Norman is a boy just because he peed on you? now is that sexist or what? LOL

    BUT I do Love the entry. You do have a mixture of squirrels. I am not familiar with black ones. I have never seen one around here.

    I love the old hand pump and what you have done with it. That is a great idea. MAKES a great headwater for your beautiful falls.

    Love all the pitures and the narrative. WE hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I know you guys will remember as we will the fallen brave men who did not get to live out their full life.
    Love from NC Sherry and Jack

  5. What fun it is to watch squirrels. We had a girl that lived in our back yard in KC for several years. My hub dubbed her Squirrely Shirley."She used to tease our dogs mercilessly!
    Then one time, one of the dogs nearly caught her, and we figured she was getting old. Sure enough, we didn't see her the following summer. :(
    She gave us a lot of laughs, however, over the years.

  6. Hello Mel! Thank you for stopping by for a visit! I am definitely going to have to show this post to my hubby with all the different colored squirrels!! Our next door neighbor is from Wisconsin, and his step mom still lives there whom I'm always in contact with. It is so interesting to see that area. I can grow roses and you can grow poppies! I want poppies soooo bad. Well, maybe one day.
    Take Care!

  7. Yes Mel that auction was handled kinda odd. Strange both men were fresh out of business cards and didn't say their names or numbers. Believe me if John wanted the property he would have raised cane. He is supposed to be retiring. lol

  8. Sweet! I love all the wee critters and your thoughts about them. I do so enjoy visiting here with you in your wildlife menagerie. It's comforting and magical and the waterfall is perfect addition to the enchantment. :)

    I shut my blog forever this time. I had to for peace of mind.
    I'll still be around but not as much.

    Thank you (& your sisters) for being such a wonderfully fun and loving friends to me!
    It's me Dee-cs only now I don't have my cs blog anymore. :(

  9. Hi Mel, Glad Sam's surgery went well... I don't blame him for coming to get some TLC from Mom!!!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your waterfall... Can I have it??? It would look good in our yard --with the mud turtle I'm sure!!!!! ha

    Hope your poppies are blooming now--just i time for Memorial Day!!!! My knee is no better. I'm just sitting allowing George to wait on me--hand and foot... ha.. My doctor's appointment is Wed.

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

  10. Love your pictures Mel. I have never seen a black squirrel either. Your yard always looks so pretty. Have a great Memorial Day.