road trip again~

My daughter  and I are hitting the road ...

and we're not coming home until she finds her wedding dress!

She has been shopping and SHOPPING and this time Mommas goin' with and HOPEFULLY she'll find THE DRESS.

I got a feeling it's going to be a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG day. lol

Here's a pic of Sara and her soon to be hubby, Don ... clowning around for the camera.

Oh yeah... Sam had to get his picture in there too in the back ground.  I call it, "where's waldo?"

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. To be honest lady, I don't envy you, but Sherry would. She has never had a daughter to help shop for a wedding dress and would have loved the chance.
    If I remember right, I am supposed to be MAD at you. Did Dar publish your receipe (course I am still mad at her) about the chocoluuute filled oatmeal bars? WELL, after the publication, it was to the store pick up all that stuff, Now they are on the counter ( I have only taken one bite so far).
    They are pretty and Sherry loves them. I think there is a rule or law about publishing chocolate stuff. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

    Take care and have a great day, stop and have a few cups of coffee along the shopping trip way!!!!

  2. Looks like a shop-til-ya-drop-day...I know how you love to shop. Give Sara Girl a great big hug from her An-tee Dar. Heed any warnings Mel, and take lots of breaks. She will know which one will be the 'perfect' one. I'm so excited that she is SO excited. She brings tears to my eyes. Have a fun, memorable day.

  3. ~rofl~ That Sam must be a riot to be around. What a delightful character! lol

    Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming wedding. I hope the plans goes smoothly and are filled with laughter and wonderful memories!

  4. I'm sure by the time you read this you will have had your fill of beautiful gowns! Been there, done that!
    And did you kill two birds with one stone and find the PERFECT Mother-of-the-bride dress while gown hopping ~ I mean shopping?

  5. Fingers crossed she finds "her" dress today! All the best...sounds like you're gonna need alot of Starbucks!

  6. Have a fun day Mel! Hope you two find the perfect dress.

  7. Find a little corner and prop those feet once in a while. Good luck in finding the perfect dress.

  8. I don't envy you, all of the walking and standing would get me in the lower back and legs. I can only hope she found something she likes. When will the wedding take place? June?

  9. Hello Don, Sara (and Sam) lol.

    Here's to wishing you a lot of laughter,
    love and luck. Don, its nice to finally
    see a photo of you. You two look
    like mischevious - but in a good fun way.
    Lovin all the smiles.
    Catch ya'll later, love, me