sit a spell~

Come sit a spell ~ enjoy some time with me out on the deck ~

Some days there are just no words for what a person feels or goes through.

My daughter and her coworkers are helping out an elderly woman who is going through some financial hardship right now.  Sara called me wondering if I still had an extra bed frame; which by the grace of another good friend whom I got it from ... I did ... and I also had an extra box spring and mattress for her.  So Sara and Don came over to pick that up.

Slim and I went over and helped Sam plant the rest of his garden before he has to have his surgery in the morning.  He already had the onions and tomatoes in.  We helped him plant the carrots, radishes, lettuce, dill, spinach and cucumbers. 

We were going to go fishing this evening; but Sam literally begged to go along ... so I gave up my boat seat for him to go with his Dad.  I hope all goes well and he can handle it okay. 

Sam just said he wanted to try it; because after tomorrow he won't be able to go for a couple weeks ... so I gladly relinquished my seat.  There was plenty of room in the boat still if I had wanted to go along; but I had a hot shower waiting for me after getting all dirty from going barefoot in the garden, laundry out on the clothes line that needed to be brought in and tended to and a sink full of dishes with my name all over them... a lawn of new grass seeding to hose down and a dog that needed to be fed and watered. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I like your deck. I hope mine looks that good when I get it finished. Restful.

    How nice to help your neighbor. That is what the world is all about, being good neighbors and friends. That is so often forgotten. Thank you.

  2. So nice of Sara and family to help someone in need. Very nice.
    Nice also, of you to give up your end of the boat. Ouch, I hope that works out for Sam....he looked like he was in more pain than he was putting on when I saw him yesterday. Hugs and prayers to him tomorrow. Are you going with him or is Ashley?
    Your deck looks so nice. I still need to get mine stained again...too much work, not enough hours in my day.
    Got the rest of MY garden in this afternoon...except the squash.
    Blessya, and Prayers to you too

  3. Hi Mel, Dar told me to talk to you about knee problems. I am in horrible pain due to what they think is a torn Medial Meniscus in my left knee. I had an MRI today... I cannot even walk... It's killing me --even though I'm on some powerful Hydrocodone pain meds. Any thoughts????? (You can email me.)

    Hope Sam's surgery goes okay. I know he'll be glad to get it OVER with...

    Are you getting ready for the big wedding?

    P.S. Love your deck!!!!

  4. Hey Mel, I love this entry. Yes a seat on the deck would be grand. Makes you feel warm all over when folks are helping folks. Especially when close friends and family are involved, sorta makes you feel like you did a good job instilling the 'right stuff' in them.
    And then when you can share in the good deeds, it is so much the better.
    Love you lady,
    We are thankful we met you on the internet.
    God Bless,
    from NC Sherry & jack

  5. Great post about great people! Love it! Wish my deck was done and looking as good as yours. Too many projects, not enough time! Busy, busy time of year. Tomorrow I hope to post pics of my super SUPER week of fantastic finds, you won't believe it!

  6. I love your deck Mel, looks recently painted or stained. Your yard and plants all look so good, right out of winter into a beautiful Spring. I'm sure Sam will be ok, tougher on you, I'm thinking.