recovery time~

I'm happy to report that Sam's gallbladder removal surgery went well.   He had two big stones, one the size of an egg and another the size of a golf ball and a hundred little ones like gravel.  The doctor was surprised he didn't have more trouble with it than he did.  He's spending a few days now at my place for some TLC ... but I think the real reason is because Mom has central air and a big TV. lol

As I said on yesterdays post ~ the guys went fishing one more time before Sam had to go under the knife this morning ... and they caught a nice meal of walleye.  Or... I should say Sam caught a meal of walleye.  He skunked his Dad.  Slim caught a few small mouth bass; but had to put them back because season isn't open yet on them.  They weren't that big of fish; but big enough for the frying pan.  Just the right eating size as far as I'm concerned.

I heard a big splash this morning down by the black lagoon (my rubbermaid tub that I have sunk in the ground at the bottom of my waterfall ~ which isn't up and running yet).
Seems a mud turtle has taken up residency.  Every year I have mud turtles come and visit the black lagoon ... they like to eat my goldfish and koi.  Well... so far I have no fish because I gave them to my daughter Staci for her pond and just planned on buying some new ones this year; but now with that big mud turtle in there I think I might just change my mind on buying goldfish or koi.  I think I'll let the turtle stay if he likes and just put some minnows in it for him to eat.

I really need to get that tub cleaned out and get my waterfall going.  I think the turtle would really like it then... although it does seem pretty content with it the way it is right now.

Never a dull moment around here.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.



  1. Glad the surgery went well. Wonder what makes those form in some people? Nice of you to provide a nice home for that turtle. Maybe it will invite some relatives.

  2. Well now that reminds me of when I lived in Missouri and owned the little lake and five ponds. I had all kinds of turtles. Thanks again for stirring a good memory ~ but geeze how I miss living on the water!!
    P.S. ~ Word Verification word was PSYCH! Go figure!

  3. I'm glad it went well. Hope everyone has a few days of easy rest. Blessings!

  4. Happy Sam's surgery went well...Andy wants to know if he got to keep the big stones...WOW...those were huge.
    I agree, keep the turtle happy this year. Cool for him, to have his very own pool.
    I've been hinting to the boys to catch me a meal of walleye but all they seem to get are 'bottle bass'.
    Go figure, huh?

  5. Hi Mel, Glad Sam is recovering well from surgery. I had my gall bladder out abotu 3 yrs ago. Not a fun operation.

    I'd love to go fishin' again but all they seem to have here is catfish. I love the trout my brother used to catch and share with me in PA. Have an enjoyable holiday! Summer just around the corner!

  6. Wow, I never heard of such stones! I can't imagine the discomfort. Glad the surgery went well. My feelings are:There are no such thing as 'minor surgery'. All surgery is potentially dangerous no matter how routine to Doctors.

    Liked the entry, glad Sam caught the fish before he went had the surgery.

    REasons, could have something to do with the A/C and Big Screen! LOL

    Have a great holiday weekend.
    Love from NC.