Just got word that Sam's surgery is being postponed until Friday!  They're sending him home with a load of pain meds to get him through while they rebook his surgery.  Apparently, the surgery department is over booked.   Let's just hope he doesn't have another major attack between now and then. 

Will post more later ... I have a hungry crew to go make some lunch for.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wishing Sam the best. Hope things are well with you too Mel. I've been off about a week and it feels forever lol.

  2. Thanks for the update. Prayers for Sam to have as comfortable as possible wait for his surgery. ((hugs))

  3. Very best wishes to Sam on his upcoming surgery. Any surgery is one too many, but sometimes it has to be done.:(

  4. Bummer on the delay. I hope he's feeling a bit better...he should be on those meds. Ha
    Prayers for the lil duder of well over 6 ft.

  5. Hang in there Sam. Sending you
    healing thoughts from the south.
    Sorry you're miserable....
    hopefully you'll be able to rest soon.
    Love from here to there -your Auntie.

  6. Yes life can gthrow a curve, then the medical folks can add to the problem, I know it is not intentional, but it still is frustrating.
    WE will pray that all goes well.
    Love from NC.