Yes, I'm still at it!

My new found hobby is consuming me ~ at least this is a hobby that doesn't require much physical activity and my heart can handle it ... most of the time.  Although, I must confess ... my ticker has been acting up again and it doesn't seem to take much of any kind of activity to trigger a need for me to be popping nitro pills like tic tacs ... bummer... I'm not too happy about that.  BUT... I'm NOT going to let it get me down.  Just so I can stay out of the hospital ... I'll be happy.  I hate taking nitro though ... it gives me such horrible headaches.

These last couple of days I made up some more bloomers for THE CAKE.  I'll let you know about that later on ... ahhhh ... the suspense!

I wanted to try my hand at some little roses.  Here's what I came up with:

I think they look more like a little gardenia or double impatients ~ but I still think they'll look nice as a decoration on THE CAKE

I also made up some more little ~ what I'm calling filler flowers ~ and tried my hand at some leaves:

I was very happy too with the way these orchids turned out ~ they look a lot more fragil and delicate in person.  Some how it seems like the camera makes them look thick to me.  Just like me in front of a camera ... I always look thicker than what I want myself to look. lol

I had some visitors to the yard this morning:

Three cottontail rabbits.  All I know is they better behave and stay away from my flower beds and be content to eat the clover and dandelions in the yard ~ or else.  I put milorganite out around my flowers and so far they haven't touched anything ... that I can see.  So hopefully, the milorganite is doing it's job.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your 'blooms' are looking wonderful. So that's where you've been. Sorry the nitro is back in action. Please be careful.
    I stopped this morning but you were gone. I saw one of your bunnies cross the road.
    BlessYaSis, Loveya, Dar

  2. Beautiful, delicate, fancy free, lovely, sweet ~ shall I go on?
    And I haven't even commented on the flowers yet. :) Love you!

  3. Hey Mel, Love the creations! You are doing good!
    Sorry about the ticker acting up, I would say take care, but I know you are more concerned than anyone.
    A good friend, Al, from Maine. WAs at the Dr. a few years ago, and the Dr. suggested an operation that Al wasn't crazy about, so he said, "NO!" The Dr. told Al, "We are just interested in your health!"
    Al said, "With all due respect, you are not half as interested as I am!"
    We all know you will do what is needed, we just want to stick our nose in and remind you, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
    Just tell the rabbits to leave the flowers alone. Use your sling shot like Shirl does.
    Love and HUGS, from the mountains of NC!

  4. You certainly are the flower child Antie Mel. :) I love them, can't wait to photograph them on THE CAKE!!!

  5. Hi Mel, I love your flowers! You are really doing a great job. I had missed when you first started so I went back and checked your first flowers, boy have you perfected the craft! Take care of yourself, the best that you can. Seen any bears yet?

  6. So pretty and delicate. glad you have a hobby that doesn't tax your heart. Did I miss something what is the special cake?

  7. Hope you start feeling better soon Ms. Mel.
    Take it easy.

    The roses look so pretty, I can almost
    smell them from here. Very natural.
    So how many has your DH eaten already??

    Sure do like seeing the bunnies...
    if they ever get into your flowers all you
    have to do is call Douglas Wayne...
    I bet he'd take them off your hands!

    I'll call ya soon - Missin' you from afar...
    love ya, me

  8. Mel I'm glad you have found a fun hobby that is not to hard on you. I can't do much anymore and I sure hate it. I understand taking nitros often, me too. Of course, I am much older than you, so it is tough on you being a young person. However, I am glad to see that you are limiting what you do. Try to enjoy the simple things like that lovely view outside your home.

  9. Hey Mel..your blowers bring back memories from years gone by...I got interested in the Wilton stuff...making flowers..leaves...I do believe at one time they took over my dining room LOLOL..and making sugar eggs...putting the flowers on them....making pretty pictures inside...ahhh...for the good old days!!! LOL...and yours look just great...I am anxious to see the finished product...take care girl...God Bless...hugs..Ora in KY

  10. Your flowers looks so real. You are doing so great. Sweet!

    Love the bunnies... I miss the ones that used to hang around our yard. Lily pretty much has managed to scare most of the small wildlife away. lol

    Keep making them beautiful creations. Who knows, you making create a thriving cake decorating business soon. That would be so cool!