2010 hunting day 2

As yesteryear and yesterday ~ I'm taking a break from being the domestic diva and going deer hunting.  In the evenings when I get home I'm blogging about my day.

10:00 a.m.  I left the house for my deer stand.  I'm getting out here a little bit later today - as planned.  I was still up early.  4:30 a.m. I got up with Dear Hubby - packed his lunch box for work and took my water pills.  I went back to bed ~ but the water pills kicked in around 5:30 ~ so my day begins...  got up to pee - laid back down - got up to pee - laid back down.  Did that a few times then fell back asleep until 8:30!  That's really a late start in the day for me.  I didn't even watch the morning news.  Did any world conflicts get solved today that I should know about?
The red squirrel is back this morning and a crow just flew over calling out to all the critters in hearing range.  I imagine he's saying, "Beware! The crazy lady is sitting in her deer blind!"  p.s. I wrote that just for you Jack ~ I know how you love it when people make up imaginary words for animals! haha
The Packer vs Viking game is on at noon today.  Wouldn't it be nice if my deer would come in real soon and I can be done hunting by time the noon whistle blows at the mill ... be back home sitting in my comfy chair watching the game kickoff.
My fire building skills have improved greatly over the last year.  Remember last year - my fire retardant magazine I tried to burn?  I almost considered not making a fire today.  It's warmed up a lot since yesterday.  Today it's 26 degrees; but it's sleeting outside.  It's still a very gray day ~ no sunshine again.  Also... no watch so time seems to be dragging.

I brought my camera along with me today.  I don't plan on using it unless an unbelievable event happens to me - like it did last year.  My camera makes too much noise when I turn it on and off.

Last year I was thinking so much of my Dad - who passed away 3 years ago in October.  He loved hunting and being in the woods. 

I was sitting in my stand and was talking with Dad (which I do all the time), and I asked him for a sign that he was there with me.  A few minutes later and owl flew in and perched itself on my open window!  Then it flew into a tree right next to my stand and I was able to get pictures of it.

 This is the picture I got last year.  My spirit owl !!
The window the owl landed on.     
AWESOME or more like AWESTRUCK doesn't even begin to express what I was feeling!!

Then to top things off ~ on my final day last year of hunting I sent up a little prayer asking Dad to spread his angel wings and make a drive for me through the thick swamp and chase me out a deer.... AND - out steps the eight pointer I harvested.
Some may call it luck ~ but I felt like it was Divine Intervention.  It's two memories I certainly cherish!  Mom too ~ she says she feels such a closeness to Dad when she's out in the woods.  I guess that's why she still hunts ~ and she's in her 80's.  So Daddy ~ if it's meant to be today ... spread those angel wings and give us a fly by.  We miss you!
The squirrel is chattering again.  Of course, I'm scanning the woods with my eagle eyes to see what's ruffled his feathers or fur.  I see nothing.  I think he just likes the sound of his own voice and talks to himself.
Time for lunch.
Today's menu consist of a diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash soda, a Yoplait Light 100 calorie Key Lime Pie flavored yogurt and for dessert a couple pieces broken off of a Hershey Special Dark chocolate bar.  I also have som sugar free Caramel Coffee Werther's Originals hard candies with me.  Not a platter of salt like I had yesterday.  Boy- did I ever pay for that last night.  My legs were so swollen and hurt like the dickens.  PLUS -- yogurt is so much quieter to eat than Frito's.  I wonder how many hunters pack a spoon and yogurt in their hunting arsenal? lol
It's a quiet day ...
I'm getting cramps in my legs again from sitting ... there's not a lot of room in here.  I practically sit on top of the wood stove. 

Also, I'm getting a dry cough and a runny nose ... that's not good.  It's possibly a side effect from the flu shot I got 2 days ago.  After the nurse gave me my shot she hands me the sheet telling about it and it's side effects.  Two of the side effects were a dry cough and runny nose.  Great... why didn't she tell me that before I got the shot.  Geeze ... if I would have known that could of happened I might have waited a week until after hunting season to get it.  Oh well ... too late now to look back at the should of would of could of's of it all. 

My sentry squirrel is chattering again.  What does he see that I don't?  Oh now I see it ... a little mouse is running down the trail.  Maybe that's what triggered him off.  At least the mouse isn't in the shack playing hide and seek with me today.  I wonder where Mr. Weasel is today and THE DEER!

Now it's raining ... and I have to pee ... can this day get any longer??? and this was a short half day ...

I have about an hour yet to wait things out.  Does it sound like I'm complaining :(  Happy thoughts :) Happy thoughts :) 

The last hour before dark sets in is what my Dad always referred to as the golden hour or twilight time.  He always said that's when most of his deer were always taken.  It's also the time when he always told me to sit the quietest and wait.  Well Daddy - I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone (maybe because my pee is now floating in my eyes and my vision is blurred ... my bladder is going to burst) any time now would be a good time to chase Mr. Deer out of the woods for me.  I think I'm going to get rid of the wood stove and put in a porta potty!  What the heck ... are my water pills on a time release??   I refuse to leave this shack during the twilight hour. 

Sadly, no deer today.  BUT ... even though I complained ... it was still a good day.  I really do enjoy my time in the woods.  Like the Good Book says, This is the day the Lord has made ~ let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh I lived and loved this hunting trip with you. I'm even on the dreaded water pills which I forgot to take earlier so I'm running every few minutes while reading blogs.

  2. Wow, I ain't even on water pills and you had me about to PEE! ha! Yeah I know you are like Dr. do little you talk to the animals.
    I love the hundting day. This is much more confortable. I don't even have to be quied and i can go and come back, you are still here.
    Thanks for the day. I had opportunity to ask Tuck, who is my expert woodsman, he doesn't think we have Weisels down here. I got to act ver smart and tell him how they change their coats.
    He loved the fact that your mom is still in the woods.
    I get to enjoy telling about you woodsie folk up there, even got in a few surprises on him about the birch wood used by Slim & Bill out at the paper mill.
    Y'all just gave me so many bragging rights. Now get that big buck tomorrow!!
    Love from down in NC, (where it is a warm 65)

  3. I ain't correcting my spelling, you figure it out! hahahaha!

  4. Hmm, guess all of us ladies who take water pills have to make those frequent runs. Never thought how it would be to have to go while in a deer blind in the woods and not wanting to frighten away the deer.
    I loved the story about your dad and the owl. I talk to my sister very frequently who passed, but not my dad. I had to take a long rest from him for various reasons. Onery was one, so your devotion to your dad tells me he must have been a remarkable guy.

  5. I agree with Jack ~ hunting through you is the way to go. You missed the slaughter of the Vikings by the Pack today. 31 -3 Woo Hoo! Love the owl pic and the memories of Dad. I have them on a daily basis. He sure did love nature and taught us to love and respect it as well.
    'hugs from afar'

  6. Thanks for the drifting in fine memories. Dad is so much with us, isn't he. Coming out of the cabin road last night, a beautiful doe come dashing full speed in front of the truck, turns and runs back into the swamp...I laughed so hard because I instantly thought of Dad saying about Mom, that Them Agenda Women make a Damn Good Wife, If you can Catch Um Comin' Outa the Swamp..LOL...isn't it funny what triggers a thought.
    Keep on taking me with you to Mom's hunting shack. Lovin It!

  7. Mel, You children have a wonderful thing in the memories of your Dad. I often talk out loud to mine. Don't tell folks - they'll think I'm crazy...but he talks back to me. ☺ What a wonderful way to record your thoughts during the hunt. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!