where's my wizard ~

I can't get this out of my head ~ almost makes me want to skip down my hallway. LOL

We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of Oz
Because because because because BECAUSE
Of all of the wonderful things he does....

Oh how I wish it was that easy. I need a wizard. Any takers out there who want to tuck me under their wing and let me click my heels 3 times and take me for a hot air balloon ride?

I'm feeling so overwhelmed and depressed these last few days ... I just can't put a finger on it.  I really don't have a reason????? I don't think????

I don't want to admit it ~ especially to Dear Hubby ... but I'm thinking that I'm missing the old bugger.  He's been staying up at our cabin by the Turtle Flambeau Flowage for 2 weeks now.  He does this every fall during the deer bow season and opener of trapping season.    Usually ~I go and spend a week or so up there with him; but this year ~ mostly because of health issues, stoking the wood fire and paying bills on time, etc... I've opted to stay home.   He's been calling everyday, checking in on me ... like there's anything new around here to know about ... like power outages, money shortages, blah blah blah ... all the usual conversations we have.

In years past ... when both of us held full time jobs ...  I used to LOVE it when he went on this vacation.  It's when I ALWAYS did my home makeover projects.  He'd come home ... never expecting what to find.  I'd buy new furniture or carpeting or paint walls.  Once I had a concrete side walk and patio poured.  One time ... we even moved! (but he was aware of that ~ but our daughter wasn't ~ she was away at school ... she found us though ... but still talks about it

Now... with me not working and having gone out of business last fall ... and these stinking hospital bills all the time ...  my fun times doing that stuff has really come to a screeching halt.  blah blah blah ... I'm not going there.

But... I am going to go see the hubby and spend a couple days at the cabin.   So if you don't see any post for a bit ... that's where I'm at.  I'll catch up with ya'll later.  I hope Sam remembers to stoke the fire!  It snowed all morning; but is melting off this afternoon ~ same forecast for tomorrow ... but it sure looks like one of these days that snow is going to stay. 

I'm off to see the Wizard
the wonderful wizard of ???  (fill in the blank) 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Have a great time up at the cabin. Don't forget your camera! If you find that Wizard - have him drop down over my house to join you in that balloon ride. 'hugs from afar'

  2. I'm off to see the Wizard
    the wonderful wizard named Slim!!!!
    There is none for me to look to,
    Just a wonderful Wizard named Slim!!!

    Hey we got to see some of the projects you did, the most impressive was the patio! you did great!

    Now when you get to the cabin, remember Slim is getting older, don't push it!!!!

    Love you,, have a great time!!

    Jack & Sherry down in WArm Alabama

  3. We're supposed to get snow showers overnight but the ground's not frozen so it will melt as fast as it falls....I hope. We got snow 3 days before winter officially started last year....2 feet of it....and it took me nearly a week to dig my truck out with my bad back!

  4. Going to the cabin sounds like fun to me. You relax and tell us stories when you get back.

  5. Oh Mel... you have a lot on your plate darlin... no wonder you feel down.. I am farting quite a bit today, does that make you feel better? There humiliation of another should bring a smile to your face.... Have a good couple of days away!


  6. Mel, thanks for the lift. I love that little ditty. Heard the kids singing it in the back of my head as I read your blog. Have fun up there with Slim and stay warm. We are due for some cold and possible snow in the mountains east of us in the next two days.

  7. Have a wonderful relaxing time and sing a new song; Pack up all my cares and woe" (Bye Bye Blackbird).

  8. Sounds as if a visit to see Slim is just what the doctor ordered, this doctor, lol. Everyone has days like this Mel, hope things look up real soon for you.

  9. Enjoy the time in the cabin. Sounds like what you need.
    Not sure I will forgive you however for implanting that song in my head.

  10. I just came back to say: SSSHHHHOOOOOOOOOEEEEWWWEEEEEEE!

    That is a word where I conme from! it means: