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My Mom called at 7:30 this morning ~ sounding rather frantic.  She said that she had been up since 3:00 a.m. chasing a flying squirrel in the house.  What!!  Yep... a flying squirrel got into the house.  She needed help.  Things were getting broke.  She had a decorative plate sitting on a shelf in the living room ~ that got broke, a picture frame sitting on a little table in the kitchen with her and Dad's picture in it ~ that got broke, deer horns fell of the wall, those got broke.  Mom was not a happy camper!  This little squirrel was raising havoc.  She left the door open for him to run out; but he just wouldn't go out it.

She even said that a few times she would get it cornered and it would jump right at her... scaring the bejeebees out of her, whatever bejeebees are. lol   It was flying from the curtain rods to the sofa, back up across the fireplace mantel, into the kitchen, up the curtains, across the counter, jumping and flying across the deer head mounts and into her Christmas cactus, under the furniture, over the furniture, you get my drift??

I went over to assist; but when I got there ~ we couldn't find it.  He escaped her watchful eye when she went to the bathroom.  We looked all over the place ... no squirrel.  I asked Mom is it possible he ran outside while she was in the bathroom and she laughs and says, "No,  I know he didn't ... because I shut the outside door when I went out of the room to pee.  He's here somewhere."

Well... we couldn't find him.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal so maybe he found a cozy little corner to sleep the day away and will be back tonight.  What concerns us though is where did he get in?

Mom's house has just gone a through a major reconstruction of residing and any kind of little hole along the foundation, under the eaves, etc... was sprayed shut with Great Stuff Foam before being resided.  All we can think of is that he possible got in down the old stone chimney.  My brother Eric was going to take the ladder and crawl up there today to check it out.

In the meantime...
We wait until tonight to see if he shows his face again.
My brother Randy set up a few rat traps, and a live trap ~ hopefully we'll get him in the live trap and can release him.

Mom said she was so mad at that squirrel she was ready to get the shot gun!  Oh Lord, Mom don't get the gun!!!

Never a dull moment around here.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


I no sooner made this post and the phone rings.  It was Mom telling me that they got the squirrel.  It was sleeping between  two pillows on a chair by the fireplace.  Things are back to normal.


  1. Pretty smart critter, on a sofa, between pillows, by the fireplace, lol..sounds like a great spot to me!

  2. OMG - funny but not funny. I can just picture Mom on the hunt. But they are a pretty interesting little critter. I was pretty comfortable in that very same chair this past weekend. Good choice!
    'hugs from afar'

  3. There are not too many places a flying squirrel would get into the house. It was funny she found him fast asleep. He was probably exhausted from the chase.

  4. Yeaaaaaa! I love a story with a good ending. Beejeebies? they are little invisible things that only come out with the first Oh,, or Aw sh-t! They disappear and new ones start growing immediately awaiting their release. Just so you can know. Us old folks know that kinda stuff. hahahahahhaha!

    Glad mom is okay, but I don't doubt the gun for a minute had the contest went on too long. hahahahah!
    Thanks for the lastes from up North with Mel!!!

    Love ya. Our last day in ?Florida for awhile heading to North Carolina.

  5. That is "Thanks for the latest from up North."

  6. Sounds exciting. Glad they got it. Hubby had one for a pet when he was a teenager. Helen

  7. I've never seen a flying squirrel I don't think. This is going to sound stupid but wellll it looks like a bat. Is it a type of bat?

  8. RE: Paula ~ no it's not a bat ~ it's a squirrel. They call them flying squirrels because of the flap of skin between their front and hind legs. When they jump they spread their legs out and literally 'glide' from tree to tree. Kind of like hand gliding. They also have much bigger eyes than your daytime squirrels ~ I imagine because they are nocturnal and only come out at night. Also, their fur is super soft like a rabbits fur. Actually, I think they're pretty cute little buggers; but not good to have running around in a house.

  9. Your post reminds me of a story Mom told me about chickens in her house. Mom lived on a farm when she was young. Someone left the kitchen door open and chickens got inside the house. I'm glad the flying squirrel was captured, and all is back to normal!

  10. Oh what a wonderful story! Just what I needed to kick-start my evening. It's been rainy and windy here and sorta depressing with only inside work to do. But now I'm laughing so hard! I know I would have pulled out the .22 - for sure after that second attack of the beejeebees!

  11. mel .. my god this whole thing is too funny to believe girl ! I felt so sorry for your mom because I know what the BEEJEEBEES are !!!
    I would have been under a table with the phone calling 911 because my heart would have had an attack for sure ! .. I remember seeing two of these little creatures when I was a little girl .. friends of my parents had them as pets .. I still recall seeing one hanging off the drapes and me screaming as it flew across the room .. I'm so glad it was found and let out to the wild again ! .. How did it ever sneak into the house in the first place ? LOL .. I bet your mom is a lot more careful with an open door ??

  12. Really funny since it was not destroying my house. That was cute where he ended up. He must have been exhausted tearing the house apart and frightening off bejeebees.
    That taks a lot out of a fellow.
    Nice ending.

  13. This is hilarious!!! But glad no one got bit! What a story to tell the grandkids!

  14. A flying squirrel I have never heard of, your photo is amazing. I am glad everything turned out ok, such an eventful time by all!!!!

  15. Squirrels of any kind can be a problem at the best of times when they get in the house! But it sure made for a GREAT story.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know how you found me but it was nice to have the visit!

  16. Your poor momma--lol
    good thing she didn't get comfy in that chair to watch TV[[YIKES]]

  17. If that critter came to my house I would leave and it could have the house. Gross. You all haves some interesting moments

  18. I've heard of all kinds of animals getting loose in a house, but never a flying squirrel! I probably would have thought it was a bat:) Glad he decided to take a nap so your mother could capture him.

  19. Oh my goodness. I am glad that no one got hurt!
    Who took that amazing picture?