eagle ~

Look who showed up on the trail cam ~ before this weeks snowfall. 

I meant to post these earlier; but couldn't find them in my huge picture file.  I try to keep things organized when I download them on to the computer by date.  These are November photos and somehow they ended up in April.  Operator error.
What a handsome guy!!

He alone makes me proud to be an American ~ such a regal bird ...
and to think that George Washington wanted the turkey for our national bird.  
Oh George... I'm so glad you were voted down.
Turkeys are for Thanksgiving

Also... (for Lucy)
Thought I'd show you an updated photo on little Rambo ~ 

He's no longer that little shy pup who we took in with the bum leg ...

He runs all over the place like he owns it ... his leg doesn't bother him at all ... he's even getting his "big boy" bark. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. What a wonderful photograph of the eagle! You never know what will show up on a trail cam! Earlier today I saw a photograph of a bobcat on a trail cam!

  2. What a gorgeous creature!!

    Turkey s still our "national bird," but on just one day of the year!

  3. A national photographer couldn't have photographed the eagle any better! It made it all the more precious to read how this photo was taken. I am glad this bird is our national emblem bird too.

  4. The Eagle pics are beautiful. Better watch out for the pup when it is around. Food is so hard to them to find in the winter. Helen

  5. Stunning photo of the eagle! I think they are great to watch as they soar so high!

  6. Your photos of the eagle are absolutely gorgeous. I don't mind if photos this good are a little late.
    I also like your pictures of your 'Rambo'.

  7. Mel, your Eagle pics are some of the best I've ever seen. LOVE THEM! He's Beautiful. I hope you have a chance to see him up close and personal while waiting for your buck to come in.

  8. They really are great shots of the Eagle. I love it They looked posed.

    The pup is growing, glad the leg doesn't seem to bother him!

    Love from Florida

  9. Hard to believe those eagle shots are from a trail cam! Wonderful!!

  10. The eagle is beautiful. Bald eagles have started to come to our area lately. I was lucky enough to see one about two weeks ago. Something I will always remember. The wing span was so amazing. They seem to have such long wings. Oh Mel yes my garden tool shed is an outhouse without the toilet hole of course. The door that would not shut had a moon cut out. I have plans to hang things on the door by the season. One being a moon. I am on the look out for old tin for the roof & an old barn board to cut a moon shape out of. Your area is beautiful there. Blessings!

  11. Beautiful eagle photos! I can't imagine having one so close! Rambo is a cutie!

  12. Incredible pic of the eagle. Didn't know trail cams took that good a picture.
    If turkeys had been our national bird, would we be eating eagle for Thanksgiving? Glad Ben was outvoted.
    Glad Rambo is doing so well. Love and good food do wonders.

  13. Wow, that is one magnificent bird. I'm glad George got outvoted. I can't imagine anything else than this very noble Eagle to be our national bird. You have a very cute 'pup' also. Love that expression on his face in the last photo.