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I know some of you heard this story before; but Paula's post at paulinescountrytales ~ asking what the funniest thing we ever saw at the doctors office was ~ just conjured up the memory again for me and I decided to share it one more time.  Thanks Paula!!

  I was sitting in the waiting room at the clinic. I overheard one of the receptionist gals talking to the other gal about her dog being sick and she was going to call the vet's office. Now comes the part that cracks me up~

Picture this as you read this. Imagine you didn't overhear that she was talking about a dog. After all... this is a doctor's office. Imagine you just walked into the office and overheard her on the phone.

Here's the jest of the conversation of the receptionist on the phone with the vet's office:

"When she got up she was walking with a stagger, like she was drunk. Then she went pee and started walking in circles and started to lick herself. Do you think it's a urinary tract infection?"

OMG! ~ I am freaking laughing again like a hyena inside.

In the mean time this old guy comes in the door and walks up to the counter. He has to wait because she's still on the phone. I know he had to have heard the first part of the conversation as he was walking in.

Then the receptionist says, "Well I suppose I'd lick myself too if I had that. I guess I'll see you after work."

If you could have seen the look on that old guys face!! Priceless!!

Geeze Louise... this is a doctors office! For HUMANS ~ I can only imagine what he was thinking!! LOL


Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. back from a trip. very cute story. thanks rose

  2. Way too funny, thanks for sharing.

  3. Most folk never get to enjoy something like that. You are a devil girl, but it was a great story. I shan't forget tht one!!!!

  4. LOL! That is a wonderful tale! Would have loved to have been there.

  5. Hi Mel, No more football games for you!!!!!! Holy Cow---glad you are okay...

    Love your doctor's office story... I laughed outloud... Too funny!!!!

    Tell Dar HELLO. I miss her.

  6. um ... this reminds me of the little story my dear hubby recently shared with you - rofl
    see you tomorrow
    'hugs from afar'

  7. True stories are the best. Too funny. Surprised the old guy stayed.

  8. I just came from Paula's blog and when I saw your entry headline on my blog list I thought oh she has written the story, and it is even funnier than I thought it would be! A story to remember! You told it very well, too!

  9. thanks for your comment onmy post re decorating. yes, if i remind myself the mantel clock will work. take care rose

  10. Hello mel ! .. We have heard some wacky tales (tails) too but one at a vet's office about a dog who ate batteries, a small can, well.. an assortment of things that were amazing .. and the crack of the day .. some one said the poor thing must be anemic ? .. good grief ! haha
    Thanks for stopping by my blog : )
    I really like your logo !

  11. Absolutely priceless!!! Hope you are feeling better each day. Don't overdo, Mel. We love your blog.I have been trying to learn how to work this computer and finally got this part managed.