it's snowing ~

We went out day before yesterday to get my hunting stand ready for the gun deer season ~ that opens next weekend.  I was undecided whether or not I was going to hunt this year; but since I'm feeling a bit better ~ and hopefully will keep improving over the next week ... I'm going to give it a try again ... but I promise I'm not going to be overdoing. 

Sam went out in the woods with me to check over my little shack that I'll be hunting out of.

It sits on the edge of a swampy area next to two trails that are cut through the woods.  The deer like to frequent this area because there is a lot of browsing available.  A few years back a tornado hit this section of woods and now there are a lot of young poplar trees coming up ... and poplars and deer make a good combo. 

Here's a closer view of my deer blind aka. "mom's shack":

It's old and tattered ~ and has sitting out in the woods for years (my Mom used to hunt out of it) ... but it serves it's purpose well.  It sure beats having to sit outside in the elements.  It has a little homemade wood stove in it along with a chair, a board sitting on a log stump inside serves as a coffee table.  What more does a hunter need.

Baiting deer is legal in our section of the state.  So we dumped out some corn down the end of my shooting lane and put a trail camera on it to see if anything is around.

Here's what I had there yesterday:

If you look hard ~ way down on the right hand side of the picture on the bottom ... is a red squirrel. 

Here's what I had today: Sam, Ashley and SNOW!!

Lot's of snow ...  and it's just the beginning of this storm that is coming.  We're suppose to get another 6 to 8 inches today.

Here's a shot off my deck :

I just love my little green lantern.

It's official ~ winter has come to Wisconsin.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. When you say neck of the woods you mean it. What a shot off your front porch right into the wilderness with snow yet! I was just reading a Jack London bio about his trip to the Yukon. I remember how enthralled I was reading some of his books and descriptions of the frozen north. I love your deer blind and the fact that it was your Mom's!

  2. Oh My Goodness! A really great looking area for the hunt. I hope you get a big one. Our regular gun season starts this next Saturday the 20th. I'll be out in the woods with gun-in-hand but with doubt-in-heart since we have not seen anything in our pre-season scouting. Best of luck to you and Sam.

  3. RE: Gerry
    My deer blind was used by my Mom up until last year ~ which was the first time that I ever hunted there. When my Dad passed away 3 years ago she decided to take over his hunting spot... which is about 40 acres away from where I'm at. She's 81 years old (or is she 82?) and still hunting. Last year only the women in my family got venison meat for the table ... myself and my niece Hannah. I shot an eight point buck and Hannah harvested a nice big doe. Already the guys are having more luck this year. My brother got a nice buck with his bow and a couple of my nephews already harvested some meat. I hope our luck continues. We love eating venison. We cut it into steaks, roasts, make jerky and smoke our own summer sausage... it doesn't go to waste! It all ends up on the table.

  4. Love the pics of the snow. Good luck with the hunting. Take care, Sheila

  5. Gosh Mel, what beautiful snow pictures. Good luck with getting your deer. Venison sausage is really good, especially smoked!! Enjoy your hunting!:)

  6. The roads were horrible the first hour of driving after leaving Mom's this morning... beyond that they had warmed enough that the snow was melting off. We have snow over here in the U.P. too and more on it's way.
    P.S. - We had a good time playing they game the other night. It's still at Moms.

  7. The snow looks sooo pretty. Your deer blind is furnished well. We had tall buckets for seats and the blind roof leaked and we had lots of Daddy Longlegs. Have fun and get your limit.

  8. Good for your Mom. I used to deer hunt but can't anymore with this bad back problem I can't sit very well. Last time I hunted I gave my gun to my son and he has got several deer with it since then. We always ate the meat also. That snow is beautiful. Good luck with your hunting. Helen

  9. lady Mel, what a great place to hunt out of. What a tradition, 'the shack mom hunted out of.' And the snow! Just finished Cher-Shots about snow and your mom's place. Now to see the hunting shack, that is great.
    Good luck and hope you bag a big one!!
    Loveya and be careful!!

  10. You have snow & I have just finished putting in a fish pond. The weather sure is different. They make these type of hunting shacks around here to sale. Some even have wheels on them to pull with a 4wheeler. My boys would like to have one to hunt out of. Enjoy your hunting. Those sure are beautiful evergreens. The view from your deck must be amazing. Blessings!

  11. Send us some snow down here in TN! Love the pictures. Love the green lantern too. I have been seeing the snow pictures from the weather channel...they mainly had someone in Minnesota. But it looked like a big storm with a lot of white out conditions. Be safe. And blow that stuff south.