We had a fun evening at our house tonight.  The kids all came over to celebrate our son in law Don's birthday.  Of course ~ there had to be a cake.  Sara and I fixed him up a triple layer, double chocolate poopcake.

With all the trimmings ~ poo, flies, corn, peanuts and toilet paper:

Don't you just love a fun birthday cake ~ no matter how old you are!

Our youngest Grandlove, Bailey who's five was a little hesitant about eating it; but once we explained it was just frosting, plastic flies, peanuts and candy corns she said she'd try a little ... BUT ~ she was not eating those flies!!

Happy B'Day Don!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. omg - too funny. Reminded me of the one I made and dropped off for Val C when she was working for the dentist or chiro. - cant remember for sure which it was. But anyways it was funny.

  2. Edible poo is funny and clever. Happy Birthday Don.

  3. I ain't eating no flies either!!!

    I have never heard of such a cake, it must be a Wisconsin thing!!

    You beat all, but I'd bet the cake was good. But, BUT.... Not sure I'd be the first to eat the frosting!!!!

    Of course I'd take my knife and spread it around!!!

    Love you, you are UNPREDICTABLE!!!!

  4. Oh My Word! Hahahahahahaaa..... You have a real imagination. Who but Mel would have ever conceived such a scheme?