2010 hunting day 8

~notes from out in the woods ... waiting ... and waiting ...

It's day 8 of the 9 day gun deer season.  I have today and tomorrow left to harvest a deer.  Seeing as how I took 2 days off, I figured it was due time to get my butt out to my deer blind to wait it out for a chance at a buck.
It's a nice sunny day for a change.  The temperature is in the 20's.  Today I'm not messing with a wood fire ~ but I do have a propane heater with me.  I have it set on the lowest setting and it seems to be throwing out plenty of heat.
The wind is blowing in my face through the opened window.  This is good.  That means if a deer does wander into my shooting lane my scent isn't moving towards him, rather the opposite direction.
I'm not sure if you read my prior post ~ my family all zonked out from eating ~ but Dear Hubby made the comment to me that he didn't like having a picture of him in bed on my blog ... lol ... What??? Like some hot little cyberspace chicky-poo is gonna stalk him now 'cuz he's just so gosh darn irresistible??

I told him to play fair he could take my picture of me sleeping with my CPAP machine on and see if some hot cyberspace dude wants to stalk me?  You just never know who's out there in cyberspace!
We had a fun time yesterday afternoon/evening.  Ashley (Sam's girlfriend) had her mom, her mom's boyfriend and her sister over.  We played dice, played some cards and played the game Guesstures.  The Guesstures game was hilarious ~ especially when Dear Hubby was trying to make his team mates guess that he was a ballerina.  Oops... there I go tattling on Slim again.  I just wish I would of had the camera.  Although, myself trying to convey the word jockey wasn't much better.  That's a fun party game!

Oh great ~ I asked Slim before I came out to the blind, "Is there enough propane in that little cylinder to get me through the day?"  Looks like he gave me the wrong answer!  My shack is cooling down fast and I have a good hour of daylight left to hunt.  I'm doing what I don't want to do - I'm making a fire in the woodstove.  I just can't tough it out anymore in cold weather.  you would think with my ratio of body fat that wouldn't be a problem.  ha!

Quitting time ...
No deer today ...
...just my sentry squirrel ~ and he was too busy carrying off corn to chatter at me today.

Tomorrow is the last day ... wish me luck!  Despite my complaining about the heat or lack of ... it was still a nice day to be out there in the woods.  I just had to stand in the shower a little longer when I came in to warm up ~ then ended up putting on some long johns under my nightgown and a pair of socks for another hour before I could get rid of the chills. My wood fire skills suck.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Here's an interesting fire lighting technique for you to check out ...

  2. Man, tell Slim I about came up there. He is one sleeping hunk. However I will wait for your picture, I may want to stalk TWO! hahahah, but leave the long handles off, they do nothing for me! hahahahhahaha!

    I hope tomorrow is the day and you stay warm all day. I have enjoyed the entries, even the days off.

    So what is next? A hangrenade season or muzzle loaders?

    We do have an antique season down here, but I think it is conjunction with the bow season.

    If nothing happens tomorrow amybe one will run up to the house and collapse from exhaustion.

    take care and tell Slim not to sweat it, he is a big guy! He just hated to admit he was napping during a game!!!!

    Love ya (and slim too)

  3. I am so susceptible to cold I would not be able to go out hunting in a deer blind in your neck of the woods it would be such a problem to warm me up again. But I do admire your determination to get out there as many of the nine days as you can. I am in awe of Lori's daughter, too, Eler Beth getting her deer in the blog Dusty Pages. Because I did grow up in deer hunting country. As many as 20 deer grazed nightly in my father's alfalfa fields and in the winters jumped over the haystack fence to eat the cured stuff. Now I understand the elk come into the ranches, too. And the ranchers are compensated for what they estimate they eat. I loved those deer, but everyone hunted out of season then. Now they don't. Good luck tomorrow. If you don't have any, we readers have enjoyed being out there with you via the Internet.

  4. I just love your posts! Enough said... I'm still trying to get that vision of Slim as a ballerina out of my head! Glad you had a fun game day. We'll have to do that again too.

  5. What a hoot, that Slimmer.....Good grief..No more luck here either. Everyone has been freezing out fast in the open tree stands, as well as the heated huts. They are pretty frustrated, but at least we get a taste for the first time in 3 years...good luck tomorrow and may your aim be true.
    Stay warm and BlessYourHeart

  6. I wish you luck on your last day...and a full can of propane!

  7. Aw Mel, too bad on that propane running out. We had a cold snap yesterday morning - down to 25 - which is warm for you folks, I know. But cold for us southerners. I got my deer at 12:35 yesterday - a two pointer, otherwise known as a spike buck. I'll try to post a picture soon. Frances is busy re-decorating and looks like I have to help her tomorrow. I do hope you got yours today!