2010 hunting day 5

 Well... what can I say about my hunting today ~ besides the fact that the deer have a really REALLY good chance of getting through the season with me around.

I didn't even go out again today.  I've become quite the pitiful hunter.

My excuses:  because it's was just too far of a walk to get there ...
It was snowing like crazy ...
My 4 wheeler is froze up ... the back wheels won't turn ... something is screwed up with the choke ...
The 4 wheeler is out of gas ...
I would have to carry out more junk mail to start my fire ~ hopefully non fire retardant ...
and Sam had my gun ... hunting with another group  ... and I didn't feel like using his gun that I'm not comfortable with.

So... I stayed home and made pies, 2 pumpkin, an apple and a grasshopper pie ( no it's not really made of grasshoppers ~ it's made with creme de menthe liquor ~ like the grasshopper after dinner drink ). Although, when my kids were little and my Grandloves were little I used to tell them this big elaborate story about going out in the woods and digging grasshoppers out of a stump from their hibernation and grinding them up in the blender to make a pie.

  I also got a squash baked up and seasoned up to taste just like sweet potatoes and in a casserole dish to heat up tomorrow.  I also made up a scrumptious cranberry sauce (the cranberries are straight from the cranberry bog ~ can't get much fresher than that) and a creamy orange jello mold.  In the morning I'll be making some dinner rolls for tomorrow nights meal and doing the turkey and all the trimmings.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get out in the woods between noon and five.  Slim is working the night shift tonight at the paper mill; but will be off tomorrow ~ so he can sleep in the morning until noon then watch the turkey for me. 
The ambulance and fire department went flying by the house this afternoon.  I guess a hunting cabin just down the road from us on County Road F burnt to the ground.  No one was hurt.  Of course, every time my Mom hears an ambulance she thinks it's me ... and always calls; but this time I beat her to the phone and called her ~ and asked if she was okay... which I already knew she was because the ambulance had already gone past my house.   She just said she was heading for the phone when it started to ring.  She's so predictable. lol  But she already knew it wasn't me ~ because my brother, who is on the fire department just happened to be at her place when the fire call came in.  We look out for each other :)

I wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving !!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Baking is always a good anti-guilt-reliever for not being out in the woods freezing your butt off. I bet nobody will complain about your lack of hunting time while they're gobbling down those pies.
    Happy Thanksgiving 'hugs from afar'

  2. I thought you had more than enough reason not to go hunting today! I am thinking to myself, 'do not binge, do not binge'! My daughter will helps me some as she always fixes care packages of food for everyone to take home that will last a day or so without me having to cook anything. I always binge more when I cook delicious foods. It helps to have a lot of family eating as they can clear out the house of all delicious goodies in no time. Happy hunting tomorrow. I am really enjoying your hunting journal. It has been years since I was in Utah where everybody hunts in those little towns close to mountains.

  3. Your food sounds so yummy and I know it will all taste delicious. Best of luck on your hunting tomorrow, but remember, take care of yourself first! Happy Thanksgiving Mel to you and your family.

  4. Sounds like you actually prefer cooking to hunting. Any excuse is better than none and seems you have a bunch. hahahahaha!
    The pies sound good, except diging the grass hoppers etc. hahaha!

    Hope you are feeling better, and the deer apprediate the time you are taking off. Love the cartoon!

    Hope you guys have a great day and a wonderful happy Thanksgiving. I know the food will be good.

    Don't go anticipating what mama will do!!!!!!

    Love you, hug Slim for us!

  5. The verification word is, yes, they will munchin the grindins at the Donner house again this Thanksgiving. It all sounds super delish., could check out those pies and creamy orange jello for ya to be sure they're suitable for your family?.
    Be glad you stayed in today from the hunt, the guys said the wind was terrible., so also the cold.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Thing

  6. GOOD LORD WOMAN!!! Yo've been busy!! I think I'd like to spend Thanksgiving with you!!!

    Good luck on the hunt...and don't burn your blind down!

  7. Mel, I love your great stories about the hunt! And the best one today was the cartoon of the turkeys "mooing"...cracked me up for some reason. I will be home today - then over to my sister's house for awhile this afternoon for our "Thanks-mas Day" activities. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Let the record show I had nothing to do with that fire. I didn't even set the yams on fire this year!

  9. Sounds like your going to have a good Thanksgiving feast. lol. My mom calls me whenever she hears a siren too. I think it's funny. lol