my little tricksters~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween ~ and didn't eat too much candy!

I don't get very many trick or treaters out by me in the woods.  In fact, I only had a total of five this year.

The neighbor children stopped in on their way home from town ~ which was a treat for me.  These are the kids I used to babysit full time, since they were 6 weeks old until they started school.  I miss them.

The princesses ~ Megan & Morgan
by time they got to my house they were already  tuckered
out from trick or treating in town and had already 
lost their crowns. 
They sure were happy to see Brandy though ...
and vice versa

their big brother, Jacob
the ugly ghoul

My Grandlove, Brooke ~
sporting her Mom's duster coat, cowboy boots, bandana
and the ten gallon hat

My Grandlove, Bailey ~
sporting her big cowboy hat 
and a horse!

Bailey was so tuckered out from trick or treating in town.
When she got to my place she plopped herself and her
horse down in front of the TV.
2 funny!

left over cupcakes anyone??

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Best part of Halloween - the sweets left over after the kids have gone. Just had a couple candy bars! ☻☻☻

  2. Lovin' the girlies outfits.
    Bailey's horse was plum tuckered out.

    Great cupcake toppers.
    You rock.

    Love ya,

  3. Brandy loves the trick or treaters I see, maybe it is just princeses!

    Yeah, I would take one of the eye of newt don't want any of the fingers. Now I will never eat another butter finger!!!

    Love the entry and pictures.
    But I am still enjoying last night's entry.

  4. always fun seeing what the kids choose to be for halloween. We usually have over 100 kids stop in but this year only about half showed up. So that means left over candy - but having inherited Dad's mega sweet tooth, I'm sure the left overs will eventually disappear.
    As for the Big Lake adventure - we're game.

  5. The last couple years we have been out of town (or have gone to a restaurant to eat dinner) on trick or treat night. We don't get many trick or treaters. We live on a street with few houses, whereas other streets in the neighborhood have lots of houses. I miss not seeing the trick or treaters; however, I don't miss all the leftover candy lying around the house!

  6. we have the
    same napkins in
    cupcake photo

  7. It may have only been five but it was a quality five.
    I got none here so you are way ahead of me.