Ai Yi Yi Yi ~

It must be pet peeve day for me ~ 

I'm in the kitchen ... 
I have pancakes on the griddle.
Mr. Man comes over and say's,
"What 'cha making?"   
I say, "Isn't it obvious?  Hamburgers."  
Open your eyes.  
You can see what I'm doing.

I go to the grocery store looking for ground cumin.  
What do I find on the shelf ~

I didn't bring my Spanish dictionary to the grocery store ... 
this is America ... 
our language is English ... 
if I wanted to go shopping in an ethnic store fine ... 
but not my local grocery chain.  
I was looking for ground cumin ... 
not comino molido!

I go in the bathroom ... 
what do I see?  
Another pet peeve!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. LOL! In my house, it's my husband that does the cooking (and shopping when he's home) and he's also quick to change out the toilet paper roll for me in my bathroom - even before it runs out! He sets the "almost gone" one on top of the new roll so I won't have to bother my busy self! :) I know. He's a rarity, for sure...

  2. Oh the bloody toliet roll, that drives me bonkers!

  3. some days its the little stuff that will put you over the edge. Hang in there sista!

  4. Don't we all have our Pet Peeves, Mel????? We could write a book listing them--and the list would never end... ha

    I totally agree about ENGLISH... People who come to this country legally should learn English ... This is AMERICA.... Gads!!!!!

  5. LOL I know exactly how that is!! Especially with the cumin.. I have that exact one.. took me a while to figure out I had to turn it around.. DUH on my part haha.

  6. You had enough to set you off today. I hate when he comes up to me with, what are you cooking?

  7. Same here, Mel...our pet peeves can really be a nuisance sometimes....keep on smilin' cause you do it so well. Have a great long weekend.

  8. I cracked up at the toilet paper. Sherry across the table laughs, "I see you made it to Mel."

    It is sorta fun to share these great entries. We both get to laugh, smile or cry twice. Love you girl. Just grab old Slim and plant a big one on him! Life will be better.

    Good one MEL! Enjoy the week! (What is left of it)
    From Florida Sherry & Jack. Glad you guys are having a heat wave for the Fisheree.

  9. My EX's question was just a tad different..."What's for dinner?"...every night, 365 days of the year, when it's sitting right there in pots and pans in front of his face. When I'd say..."Food"...he'd get royally put out!

  10. OMGosh...we specifically bought toilet paper holders in our house in AL, that you just lifted the bar up, put the toilet paper on it and set it back down...I thought it doesn't get simpler or easier than that...but every time I would go in and find the same thing as you...haha. Sometimes I would rebel and leave it to see if someone else put it on....not
    Good entry, Sheila

  11. I think everyone that comes to live in this country should learn to speak English. I probably would not have bought it. lol.

  12. And the few times he did put the toilet paper on he did it wrong. I like it over not under. lol

  13. That last picture had me laughing out loud and reminded me of some of the really good reasons to enjoy living alone. Over and under plus postion of toilet seat are some of the others.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

  14. Well now, in New Mexico, the Spaindards were here 400 years before anyone came from England and brought the language with them. In our state, both languages are legal and it is in our state constitution. My husband doesn't cook, but he does make sure the toilet roll is always in place, lol

  15. YES....I thought I was the only one annoyed by all the spanish on items in my grocery store...sometimes the spanish is more prominent than the english description...what gives???
    Emptying the trash and not replacing the plastic bag is another pet peeve.

    Have a great day.
    Janet xox

  16. My pet peeve is also the toilet paper roll empty on the spool and a new one sitting on top of it. Another mis that I fix a nice hot meal for Joe and me and he reheats his coffee over and over cause it gets cold cause he is looking out the window several feet from his chair so naturally he is on the prowl. I LIKE TO EAT so I eat. Then he sits down and says, it gets cold fast doesn't it.

  17. I had to chuckle! How funny Hamburgers! You crack me up. Hubbys can be so well you know. When I saw the photo of the spice container I just thought whats that. Then you explained. I would have left the store empty handed. I would not known what it was. Well for me if you live in the good old USA you should speak & read English. I have lived here since birth & I am not about to learn a new language just so I can shop for the things I need. As for the toilet paper I am the roll keeper of the homestead. I can not understand if they can get the new roll out of the closet then why cant they put it on the holder & put it on my way at that. I have given up in the master bath. Hubby can just keep reaching to the sink cabinet where he puts it. Oh to vent. Sounds like these are a shared pet peev of many. Blessings!

  18. I laughed out loud at the toilet paper photo, Mel. I fought that battle for years and years -- and years. Never won.

  19. Does someone need a vacation???? LOL You crack me up!
    'love & hugs from afar'