all new again ~

I love a New Year ... time to put the past in the past and move forward with a fresh new start.

So are you a New Year's resolution maker?  I used to make resolutions only to break them within the month. This year though I'm doing it again... making a resolution; but hoping not to break it.  My resolution this year is to simplify and de-clutter.  We have too much stuff.

Now, Dear Hubby would probably argue that it's ME that has too much stuff, and I would say it's HE that has too much stuff... so I'm doing the agreeing for the both of us (I'm good at that) and coming right out of the gate and placing it on the both of us equally... WE have too much stuff. Over 34 years worth of married life accumulations ... lived in six different houses, different hobbies and crafts, likes and dislikes, the latest gadgets, old antiques, sentimental things, 3 kids that didn't take all their stuff when they left home, 2 kids that came back home with more stuff, 1 that left again but still left stuff behind, stuff, stuff , stuff ....  my house just has too much stuff!

Wish US luck on keeping the resolution.  By time the snow goes this spring I should have a pile of stuff for a HUGE rummage sale... if I have one.  I'm just not a fan of organizing one.  I know I could donate a load or many loads of stuff to goodwill; but ... times are tough and if I can get a buck or two from everything ~ I think I'm going to try that route first.  I might even consider doing some stuff with eBay ~ I know my sister did that before she moved ~ selling on there ... I'll have to give her a call and see if it's worth the bother. Or ... maybe we should just have a big auction and do it that way.  I just don't know how to get started on getting rid of all the stuff.

But ... come hell or high water ... I am not breaking this resolution!  The stuff is getting a good going through and has to have a pretty good reason to stay.

Any suggestions on how to get started and finding a happy ending to all this stuff??

Wish me luck.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That I can do...Wish You Luck, I mean. I have been working at it for the past year since another moved back. It's not easy unless you say, the heck with it and chuck it all.
    At least you have a big house and garage, lean-to......most of our 'stuff' sees the garages and there it sits. Best of luck toya. I'd say, garage sale but that's even More work.
    Did you watch the RoseBowl?

  2. When I moved out here from San Antonio and living in the same house for 31 years I gave away, I sold, I threw away. Guess what? I'm just as bad with stuff as I was then after living here about sixteen years. I don't have the energy to have garage sales anymore but I get a spurt once in a while and get rid of stuff but not too much. lol Good luck!

  3. Well---good luck, Mel... You can do it!!!! My first thought on getting started is so tell your kids that they have 3 months to get their stuff out of the house --or you are getting rid of it... That will be a good beginning....

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. I love to organize and sort through stuff, I'd help you get through if I was there. lol I have stuff now to sell on Ebay. We donate most stuff to Good Will and save receipt for tax write offs, but the really good stuff that sells on ebay - we end up doing that. I had much rather read blogs and play games on Facebook though than list on my box is still sitting there. lol Happy New Year to you.

  5. When your weather warms, have a large "Estate Sale". You have a few months to price things and make a list of everything you want to sell. Advertise it and let folks come to your place to buy the merchandise. You would be amazed at the distances people drive for a bargain.

  6. "De-clutter and Simplify" is the best resolution I could ever make. However...I think I'll put that off awhile. Heheheheh Like you, I have thought of a huge rummage sale - but that's so much work to organize. Someone suggested Craigslist, which might be worth a try.

  7. You are faced with the modern person's biggest problem. Even in the motor home, we collect stuff, not quite as much, but we still collect it.
    When we started this life we had 2800sqft of STUFF. Called the boys in first, take any and everything you want but it must be gone in a week. We got promises, but no movement. Huge yard sale still had to buy a 53' tractor trailer.
    Now the rats and snakes are enjoying it out there in the woods. It is slowly disappearing.

    Good luck, IT AIN'T EASY! but it can be done. Hang in there!

  8. Mel,
    When we left Alaska we had a garage sale - two weekends and we sold over $8,000 worth. UNBELIEVABLE!! Then we still filled a 45 foot semi, 16 ft. trailer and the backend of our Yukon! THEN we started moving my stuff up from Missouri. We had storage units in THREE states to move here ~ YOU want to talk about STUFF!!!!! You've seen what we have - We should be shot for even thinking of moving again!!!!
    Good luck with that decluttering - when you find the solution please do share your secret!

  9. Second post I've read on simplifying -- young girl! I'm dreadful at selling stuff but I need to do some sorting and purging too -- my stuff will mostly go to the good will.

  10. I liked the idea of first calling the kids up to take their own stuff. I have boxes in the basement from the two oldest. The master bedroom has became the catch all for the rest of us. When the other three kids here clean out their rooms they just dump it in my room. I so want a beautiful colonial bedroom. Where to start I am at a loss. The clutter has to be removed before any remodleing. I have boxed things for goodwill yard sale & ebay. But none have came about yet. To the point of just packing it all in the truck & leaving at the nearest auction house. Thinking it would just be faster & I would have little time to pull things out & decide to just keep. Good luck to all of us. Blessings!

  11. I think Dar said what I was gong to word for word...we have stuff stuff and more stuff for all the reasons you gave plus when his mom died--I got some of her stuff,we go to an auction house and drag in more stuff,I go to after holiday sales and can't resist more stuff..none of it I need..have a hard time parting with and family doesn't want to take my stuff off my hands and we can't walk for stuff-plus 2 dogs and 3 puppies amongst all the stuff...Lord help me to de-clutter-I pray...