bougainvillea revival~

Last summer I had a beautiful little bougainvillea plant sitting on a stump by the top of my flower bed. 

Due to some horrible neglect ~ this is how it looks today.  Pretty sad looking :( 

It's been sitting in my basement since I brought it in last fall so it wouldn't freeze.  Well, I not only saved it from freezing ... I also didn't water it ... and now it was dead.  At least ... that's what I thought.

After a little poking around on it and clipping off the dried up blossoms and some of the dried up stems ... I found that some of the stems still had a little green in them and they were still a little pliable.  Maybe there's still some life left in this poor neglected plant.

My other bougainvillea plant ~ a pink one ... is still thriving... and blossoming.

I have it sitting in a sunny window.

The pink plant was getting a little leggy  ...  so ...  I snipped off a few of the vines and poked them into the big pot with the purple plant ~ that got a BIG haircut.

Now it too is sitting in the sunshine.  I sure hope it doesn't hold it against me for letting it sit in the dark basement for several months totally neglected.  Grow baby GROW!!! I promise I'll water you.

I'm pickling up some eggs today ...
 ... they look just like they belong in an Easter basket ...  all the different colors.  Please don't ask me what kind of chickens they are that laid them ~ all I know is they're from four different breeds.  I have white eggs, brown eggs, tan colored and blueish green eggs ~ cool. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your plants will do fine, Mel. They appreciate a little dormancy so soon you will have 2 bloomers. Don't you wish they were native up north? I was amazed at the size they get in the south.
    You do have Easter Eggs already, don't you. Love the blue ones...Mom might know what breed those come from.
    Have a great day....and

  2. I'm sure your little plant will be just fine! I'm terrible with indoor plants; I think they fear me. *LOL*

  3. I think your plant will do fine. Those are beautiful here in the spring although I let mine die in the winter several years ago. The eggs look good.

  4. I let my bouganvilla die off in the fall, so you're doing better than me! :)

  5. I hope your plant lives and thrives. I used to have some chickens that layed colored eggs. They are pretty. Helen

  6. When I lived in southern California, I had bouganvilla plants that covered every ugly thing I could find. This is the first time I have ever heard of them as indoor plants. They grow super fast where the night time temps stays above 40 degrees. We get too cold for them here in the mountain west. I miss having them.

  7. I'm keeping all the geraniums from my deck alive in various windows, and to my surprise, it is going well. I usually just let them go in the winter, but I decided to save them if I could and to save my pocketbook next spring! One of them is the plant I dumped onto my damp, shampooed carpet, and it had to be completely repotted, but seems nothing worse for the trauma. Amazing what they can sometimes survive! And best of all, they don't carry grudges!!

  8. Bluish green eggs? You didn't by any chance get a look at them chikuns, did you? Reminds me of the "chicken sandwiches" we got from the Korean beer joints across the street from the shipyard when I was an outside machinist: a paper sack with about 6 inches of fried rice in the bottom topped by two slice of bread and 2 pieces of "chicken". The first time I opened one of those sacks I found the biggest wing I had ever laid eyes on. Just about that time a bunch of the old timers started singing "Korean Fried Chicken, Kim do sea gull right!" I believed them!

  9. The eggs are beautiful. Do you have chickens? And the flowers will be beautiful again before you know it.
    Love your background, by the way. One of your own pictures?

  10. Bougainvilleas! Beautiful plants that seem to thrive in tropical climates like we lived in both in South America and in Africa. I'm surprised to find them as indoor plants - way up north in your neck of the woods! ☺

  11. I too am terrible with inside plants. Love bougainvillea ... wouldn't even try to grow them up here!

    Pickling eggs ... I've heard of it ... never done it or tasted such.

  12. I love bougainvilleas. They are hard to kill which is evidenced by your story. Hope it is a thornless one.
    I had one as tall as me in Florida and it was a lethel weapon.

  13. Shucks I about didn't look at the blog, you mention revival to apreacher's kid and he goes the other way!!! hahahahaha!

    I think you have a stong Boogie there that deserves the revival.

    Love pickled eggs. Amazing the colors, maybe you should pickle them with the shells on!!!!

    It is amazing how you can preserve any flowers in those extreme temps. You all do a great job of it.

    Love from Florida.

  14. HI Mel, Your Bougainvillea will come back.... They are hard to kill ... SO--keep on babying it and it will thrive!!!!!!

    You do have your own Easter Eggs.... Do they taste differently ---one from the other???? I don't have the privilege of having farm eggs--and have to buy mine in the grocery store... I'm sure yours are ALL better than mine.

    We've had sunshine all day today... There's still alto of snow on the ground since our temps are still low.. BUT--they say that moderation is coming soon.

  15. I think my Dad had some chickens that would lay light colored green and blue eggs. But I don't remember what they were called. Seems like there was another color they were advertised to lay but they only laid the blue and green. Good luck with the flower, Sheila

  16. I never heard of this plant. It sure has beautiful blooms. I am not good about plants indoors. I love planting outside. I kept some Braided Hibiscus a few winters back in the basement. Ops I forgot to water them. To late for them by that time. Looks like you have saved yours. Good luck with your green babies. Blessings!

  17. We buy our eggs from a local farmer. We see brown eggs and light brown eggs; never saw any blue eggs! Your eggs do look nice, grouped all together.

  18. Northern Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire nation. We have vacationed in Boulder Junction since the early 1950's and have a cabin on a small lake in that town. I will try bougainvilleas where I live in Cincinnati next year.