Today is my Dad's birthday ...

  I called Mom this morning and made a comment about today would be Dad's birthday and she corrected me on my comment about it right away and said, "what do you mean 'would' be his birthday, it IS his birthday.  He's just spending it in a better place."  The big glorious birthday party in Heaven!  Don't you think there's a daily B'day party with cake and ice cream, balloons and gifts and angels doing back flips and acrobatic twirls?

I miss my Dad. 

When I was born, I was named Melody Jane.   I was given a nickname by my Dad right from the beginning.  It was a long one.  I was told that it started out as him calling me Janie Bug Melody My Little Chickadee Dee.  As time went on Dee Dee stuck with everyone that I could remember and that's what I was called ... except for Dad ... he still called me his Janie Bug Melody as a shortened version OR he would say My Little Chickadee Dee ... which then over time was shortened to Chickadee. 

I was Daddy's Chickadee and Dee Dee to the rest of the world ~ and it suited me fine ... I was never addressed as Melody.

Then I had to start school.

I remember the teacher calling my name, Melody.  I ignored her, until she was right in my face telling me that when my name was called I had to answer.  Honestly, I didn't know that was my name, I thought it was Dee Dee.  

 I was corrected ... in school my name WILL be Melody, as that was what was on my records. 

I was little; but I still remember crying and crying at home because the teacher kept calling me Melody and my name was Dee Dee.  That's when Mom started calling me Melody and dropped using my nickname and I also remember her telling my siblings, "call her Melody" so she learns her name.  I also remember crying to Daddy about the mean old teacher who calls me Melody and being comforted by him. He told me that everybody was right and I did need to know and use my real name now that I was in school; but I would always be his little girl, his little Chickadee.

YEARS later...
Daddy was in his eighties ... me my fifties ... and I have now become Mel to most, Melody to some...
to my Dad, I was still "little girl ~ even though I outweighed him in the end
or more fondly called by him,
"his little Chickadee". 

Yes, Dad... your little Chickadee misses you and wishes you the happiest birthday ever up there in Heaven!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Dad! Yes, I think too how my D is very much alive but on a plane I can not see now -- but one day! I don't now about birthdays in heaven - why every day will be a celebration there!

  2. A very good memorial to him. Good thoughts on something that you will always remember. Helen

  3. Oh so sweet. I'm sorry you didn't win the chickadee drawing... I might just have to draw another...

  4. Happy Birthday Dad! Funny thing is he called me "little girl" too! I think he secretly called all six of us girls that but he tried not to make the mistake of using that name in a family gathering. Although; I did here him call Kimo Jim that once, and rightfully so being she is the youngest and littlest. LOL He was such a hoot! I miss him too Chickadee Dee!
    'LOVE & hugs from afar'

  5. RE: Cher ~ you're right on that ... he did call us six of his daughters, "little girl" but not all at once. I think it was just his way of making EACH of us feel as special to him as he was to us on a more personal level. He was a special Dad and a great man!!

  6. Mel, thanks for sharing the very moving personal story! I can so related as I was always called Alton by my folks until my High School days. Your Dad was very special, obviously, and knew how to make all of you feel special.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your dad today. What a cute nickname he called you. May you be comforted by special memories today.

  8. I love this. Happy Birthdy to your dad. My dad's birthday is coming up Jan 14th. Yep, to him I am not sure I ever grew up. I was the baby.

    Your story, post, is so heart warming. Reminds me of my friend Buddy. He paid no attention when he was called Richard in school, and cried because he was not Buddy.

    Strange, the little mind, but WONDERFUL to have that grown up like your Dad and understanding of mom to know your delimma. Such a sweet story, you little Chickadee.

    Love from Florida, Sherry & Jack

  9. A sweet, touching post, Mel. Thanks for sharing. We do miss our daddies, don't we. ~ XO

  10. Oh what a sweet post, Mel... Made me teary --since I miss my Daddy too... Your Daddy is smiling down on you I'm sure... You will always be his little Chickadee..... How very very special.

  11. I enjoyed this post. Happy birthday to your dear Dad. Not one of the four of us have a nickname. My sister is Patsy and not Patricia. My brother is Bobby and not Robert and then Maxine. We are all very spread apart in age.

  12. What a nice, heart warming story. It sounds like you had a very special bond with your Dad...good for you. Not everyone is blessed with that.

  13. This is a very nice tribute to your Dad. My daughter is still my little girl, even though she is now in her 30s.

  14. Neat story. I was "Snooks" with my dad. My brother occasionally still call me that, but it is Dad's voice I hear. :)

  15. Let the good times roll in heaven tonight!!! Dads are always special to their daughters. Dad nicknamed me Muffy and it stuck. I went to 'sister' school, there were no St. Muffy's so back to Mary Ann I went. Enjoy your memories.

  16. Happy Birthday to a Dad that was obviously loved by his little Chickadee. What a lovely story. We daughters do have a special bond that continues forever with our Dads.

  17. How I miss're right, we were each 'little girl' at one time or another but he always called me SusiQ being middle name Suzanne. Sure do miss him sooo much. You rekindled many a sweet memory, Mel.
    I talk to Dad every day and I know he hears us. Thanks Mel, for posting all of our hearts on his birthday.

  18. Sweetest post ever! And a wonderful tribute to your Dad... sounds like he was a pretty special one.