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We're starting to talk vacation plans!   We're thinking of making a big triangle ... Wisconsin to Texas to Tennessee and back up to Wisconsin.

When we vacation we don't like setting a time table of having to be at a specific place at a certain time ~ as we travel along if we see something that interest us and we feel like stopping for awhile ... we do.  Just as long as we keep it in the time frame of being able to get back home a day in advance of having to go back to work.

Of course, another big factor in vacation planning for us is the cost.  Last night, we went over the cost of our trip we made in Feb. 2010 ~ and what we figure the difference will be this year.  Gas, last year averaged 2.39 a gal ~ so we'll be a little higher this year with the average over 3.00 nationwide.  Right now we're paying 3.24.

I'm so glad that we finally got our hospital / medical bills paid down enough that I feel comfortable enough about making this kind of trip again.  In a few more payments we should be free of the medical debts we  had hanging over our heads for the last five years... now to keep it that way.

So....  anyone out there with some suggestions of must see things to do or see (that aren't going to cost us an arm or a leg) between Park Falls, WI to Ft. Worth, TX to Nashville, TN to Park Falls, WI ????

I remember one time we stopped in Kansas somewhere and took a tour of a cookie factory ~ and had a blast doing it ... yes... we're open for suggestions.  Places that give tours, little off the wall restaurants, museums, places that just haven't made it into the map brochures, waterfalls, mountains, animals, farms, gardens ...  yes .... we're open to suggestions.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I can highly recommend the Chattanooga area in TN. There is a lot to see, like Ruby Falls, Rock City, the Incline railway and the aquarium. The area itself is really nice and there are nice parks and lookout mountain. We've been there several times and really enjoy it every time we go.

  2. Can't help you at all but sounds like our kind of trip. We liked the road less traveled and enjoyed the little pleasures along the way. D seemed to have a nose for sniffing out the good eating spits and was a great camp cook if tenting.

    Betsy from Tenessee (blogger) is always going on wonderful short road trips - you might want to check with her blog - see if any of them are on your planned route.

  3. There is a great little town in Wisconsin, place called Park Falls. You will love the folks there. They will take you into their homes meet you at jack's corner bar for Breakfast and show you a real Bear on the wall that Old Sam killed, I men harvested. DON'T MISS IT!

    I love trips, the excitement of the plans is sometimes about as good as the trip.

    Right now I cannot think of a place but as time goes on I might. I do love to sorta travel at the speed of the wind, sometimes dead still and others moving right along. No particular dates is our style, I have always detested reservations, but sometime they are necesary!!!

    Just got a call from Pennsylvania friends, they are 30 miles away!!! See them tomorrow! frinds from 1956!!!

    Love the travel thing!
    As someone you know well would say Bless you Heart!!!

  4. I'm sure that whatever route you two end up on, it will be an adventure! Don't forget to stop by TOOT TOOT'S for a good old home-style meal!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  5. I already know you will stop at Toot Toots again, Slim raved about it.
    While by Colleen, have her take you to The Purple Cow...good food and decor from the 50-60s,and music.
    Wherever you go and end up, You Two always seem to have the best of times. Remember when we used to do those things 'together?' It Was a Blast.
    BlessYourHearts and Travels

  6. Hey Mel, of the best words in the English language! Looks like you will a blast..I love drive vacations. Hope all is well with you and yours...Happy New Year and I hope it is a healthy one.

    Janet xox

  7. Hi Mel.... Gas here right now is about 2.80 a gallon.. BUT--it's going up daily I think....

    I think traveling like you do --stopping wherever you want to, is the best way. IF you do make it to Nashville, be sure and see the Opry Hotel... You can just walk around and admire it... It's awesome.

    Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame... It's GREAT.

    Let me know where in TN you will be --and I can recommend things to you if interested.


  8. Hey Mel! If you come close to Chattanooga then you must go by Cleveland, TN which is right on route 75N. Here in Cleveland and surrounding area is where the white-water Olympics were played out - on the Ocoee River. Plus you would be real close to Tellico Plains and a world class rainbow trout stream in the southern portion of the Cherokee National Forest. Of course it's prettier in the Spring and Summer but beautiful year around. The Appalachian Trail runs along the TN/NC state line too, if you're interested. At Sweetwater, TN there is the "The Lost Sea", an underground lake with trout in it...if you're into caves. Just an hour north of Cleveland is Lenoir City, (edge of Knoxville) home of the Fort Loudon Dam on the Tennessee River that gives tours. This area is steeped in TVA history. Then there's Pigeon Forge with Dolly-wood, and east of that, Gatlinburg! In Feb there should be good snow-skiing and ice-skating there. Always something to do and things to see in the area. Of course, no trip to this area is complete without a visit to "Pumzika Acres" (my cabin) in the Cherokee Forest!

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