rightfully ours ~

We're on our way Vince to bring your trophy back to Lambeau Field where it belongs!

Wow! What a ride!! 

Isn't that quote by Vince Lombardi the best ever!! 

Everyone should apply that to their lives no matter what their situation ~ be it a football game, organizing a fund raiser or cooking a Sunday dinner. 

I'm so happy for the Green Bay Packers!  We're going to the Super Bowl!! (sorry Thom and Moni) 

PLUS... guess where Dear Hubby and I are going to be Super Bowl weekend ~ in TEXAS!!! Oh Yeah ... this should be fun!
The weather in Wisconsin is finally looking up ~ today is the first day since New Year's Eve that it's above ZERO!! Whoopwhoop!!! By this coming weekend when we host our fisheree it's suppose to be up to 28 degrees ~ now that's a tropical heat wave!!  Bikini weather ... not quite ... but it's getting there.  We're looking forward to it.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I don't follow football too closely. I do know, though, that "my team" will be playing your team at the Super Bowl.

  2. Uh oh. Are you actually coming in for the Superbowl or for something else? I intend to stay far far away from DFW Airport, downtown Dallas and all things Superbowl related that week!

  3. RE: Linda ~ I know!! How exciting is that!!
    RE: texwisgirl ~ I'll be visiting my sis in Ft Worth watching the game at her place; but it's still going to be a thrill!

    I also meant to leave a message for PORKY ~ sorry, against all your suggestions I WILL NOT be in a bikini at the fisheree sitting there above a dunk tank so you can throw a ball at me! lol ... now ... if you want to sit above a dunk tank ~ that's another story. Maybe we could incorporate that into the events of the day.

  4. Go Green Bay...bring it on home!

    Don't live up north but I've always liked those Green Bay "boys"...watched part of the game last night...good stuff!!

  5. Oh --by the way, who won?????? ha ha ha ... I watched the game and actually sent you and Dar a CONGRATS email... Did you get it????

    I am so proud of your team and they HAVE to beat those old Steelers.

  6. AH a warm day in Wisconsin for sure - "weather? we dont need no stinkin' weather, we got the packers!"

    Mr foresterman is an avid lifelong packer fan, he's happy ;)

  7. Isn't it just the best? We are going to the SuperBowl...have a great time celebrating with our baby sis.

  8. What a great quote from Vince Lombardi! And you and your family seem to live by it. Here's wishing you well on your fisheree activities. I know you will have lots of fun with it. Hope you all have a great trip to Texas!!

  9. It was a good game! They all played well given the weather conditions! Have fun!

  10. How wonderful to be going to the Super Bowl and to be seeing your team play. My team will be watching from Florida so I will be an honorary Green Bay Backer on that day.
    May the Pack bring it back.

  11. Does this mean OUR team won? Boy am I glad!!!
    Good entry and good quote from Vince.

    Also glad for the day and the weather coming up for the Fisheree.

    The best to you guys and I am glead it is near Bikini weather up there!@!!!

    Love from Florida

  12. Gotta love Vince, gotta love the Packers! Gotta love you for just being you!
    'love & hugs from afar'