getting it done ~

I'm still working on my New Years resolution ~ simplify and de-clutter.  I won't bore you though with the details of my accomplishment.  Geesh... how did we accumulate so much stuff !

Then you come across something like this old picture of me and my younger brother at Halloween about 38 years ago and get side tracked ... yeah ... this project is going to take some time.

I was standing at the sink doing dishes and I hear a pretty good thump on the deck door.  Oh no... another bird hitting the window. I look and see this woodpecker laying on the rug.  I figured I better go and get rid of it quick before the dogs finds it ~ because I know the dogs will eat it in one gulp.  I don't need that happening... the dogs eating a woodpecker, getting his or her gut full of feathers and  puncturing a lung or esophagus from it's beak as it's going down.

I go out to pick up the bird to take it to the garbage ~ and find that it's still alive.  Very much stunned, and I'm sure not feeling the best ~ but it was still alive.

I took it and set it on the grill out of the reach of the dogs ...

Poor little bugger ... it sat there, stunned as could be for 2 whole hours.  Truthfully, I thought it was a goner.  I even checked on it a few times thinking that it was dead or frozen in place ~  but then the last time I checked ... it flew away.
I watched it in a near by tree for about half an hour ...
then it came back to the bird feeder of suet as if nothing ever happened.
~ happy ending for the woodpecker ~

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That pic of you and Eric cracks me up. Was that the year you and Cher went around as Silent Clowns and no one ever did find out who you were? Too funny.
    Glad to see the woodpecker made it. That happened about a month ago to a chickadee here, and he survived too.
    They sure can take a beating.
    Good luck with ain't easy.

  2. Glad the woodpecker made it. Yes, cleaning up and out can be distracting - love the old picture! Great costumes.

  3. I am happy that the woodpecker survived!

  4. LOL on the clown picture. Cute. Yes, decluttering can be time consuming. Figuring out what to keep, where to keep what you keep, and can you part with things, etc. Getting everything to have a "spot" is the key thing to focus on. Thanks for sharing your photo from long ago. And so glad the bird was ok. Guess he knocked himself a little cuckoo. lol

  5. De-cluttering feels so good, doesn't it? And it is also very hard, as you say. I run across things that I *know* I should get rid of, but the tug of memories is sooo strong. I think I've done well in the past few years, but I surely do have more that needs done!

    Good luck with the project! I admire your energy!

  6. Good job bird healer! I hate hearing them smack into the window but amazingly most fly away after a few minutes. Great pic by the way! I'd love to sit and chat but I have Christmas stuff to put away and then maybe some de-cluttering to do.
    'love and hugs from afar'

  7. Good for the woodpecker...all's well that ends well. Take care, Sheila

  8. Waht a unique entry. But do we expect any less? Good stuff and no Chocolate!!!

    Wow what a good looking clown!! and a little Charlie Chaplin. Ha!

    Yeah, I'll have to admit, somethings take some enjoying and thinking about, no matter what the final goal is.

    Love from where we nearly had to put on the A/C. Yep, truth!!

  9. Old photos bring back such memories. Sounds like your sister has had as much fun with the memory. I have yet to start the declutter in the bedroom. Some things may go to the goodwill this friday. So good you have started. It is so wonderful of you to save that beautiful bird. The ones we have here make such holes in the trees but I so love to hear & watch them work. Blessings!

  10. Frustrating, ain't it? Trying to do the right thing - but getting side-tracked like that.

    Did you see the report a couple days ago about the 3,000 plus blackbirds that fell out of the skies in Arkansas? They think some trauma in the air (maybe hail) caused it. I'm glad your woodpecker survived. We watched a yellow bellied sap-sucker work on the tree in our front yard for a three plus hours on Saturday. It was amazing to me he stayed on that same trunk for so long.

  11. Cute picture of you and your brother.... Isn't decluttering fun???? We find so many things we thought we had lost!!!!!! ha

    I've had birds hit our sliding doors a few times --and most of the time, they are just stunned... It does take them awhile to be able to fly away--but most of the time they are okay. Once in awhile they hit so hard that they die. That is sad though.

    Have a nice day--and stay warm up there.