color my summer ~

Just thought I'd share my bloomers with you :)

Cleome aka. Spider Plant
wild Blue Flag
Day Lily
Sneeze Weed
White Astillbe
Missouri Primrose
Yellow Spider Lily
Goats Beard
Sedum - Kamtschaticum
Polly Ann Lily
Lady's Bell
Wooly Lamb's Ear
Orange Day Lily aka. Ditch Lily

 P.S. Porky ~ did you think I was going to put up a picture of me in a thong when you read the first line??!!!! EeeeeeGads .. even I wouldn't stoop that low.  LOL

Sorry folks for the little dig for Porky there; but I couldn't resist :)

and to my BIL JD ~ I know, I know ... all I ever post about is flowers ~ so you claim.  This post too was just for you. Just for you. I know how much you love them (and me:)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hi Mel, Great pictures.. After all of your hard winter, I know it's GREAT to see the flowers of spring/summer...Yours are so pretty....

    Just be thankful that your family reads your blog. Mine don't! Oh Well--maybe I should get out that thong. Think they'd look then????? ha ha (NOT)


  2. Oh, I thought you had some spare bloomers you were going to share with us...I guess I can go nuy some new ones at Wally world.... :) Take care, Sheila

  3. they are beautiful. nothing's blooming here. scorched in the heat and drought...

  4. to Sweet Mel, how can I say this, let's see oh well just out with it, "I love you girl". Now Sherry will read this, she will laugh, yeah I love her too, but you had better be careful when you say that to mama!!!! You ain't old enough to be mama's daddy!!!!! hahahahs

    AlwaYS LOVE your posts.We are amazed at the amount of flora and Fawna knowledge up there in the North Woods. I do recognize one, the orangy looking one, it is truly a ditch lily, that is where I see them. You name it? or is that a for real nick name??

    We are renting a boat w/o a motor. I brought the trolling motor, this is not a BIG lake and that is all we will nead.

    Boy I hope we catch some good eating fish.

    As I said, Love you lady, sent from down here in South Georgia.
    Sherry & Jack (She will be along in a few minutes.)

  5. Love that Wooly Lamb's Ear even though they are all very pretty.

  6. once again, my comment got eaten alive....at least your plants all survived.
    Love that Spider Lily.
    Bloomers, huh, now I have a pic to find from one of the photo albums of many a day ago...teehee

  7. Oh my thongs!!!! How horribly uncomfortable.

    But the flowers now, they are wonderful in deed!!!!

  8. What lovely bloomers you have.

  9. Amazing multicolored bloomers of all shapes and sizes!

  10. You've got all of these flowers??? And you know the names of them??? I use to have lambs ears and the hummers really liked those little bitty flowers on them. Nice shots!

  11. Great flowers. I thought the dame thing Sheila did. Spare bloomers.

  12. Beautiful flowers, no matter what you call them! ☻

  13. Your flowers are so pretty! I like how you framed them too.