happy b'day sam~

Today is my son Sam's 22nd birthday, so I thought I would just post some of the scrapbook pages I've done of him to honor it.  I know you probably seen them before ~ but I'm doing it anyways ... just because I can.  Ahhhh... the joys of blogging and being able to do what you want in your own little corner of cyberspace!

Sam -  Kindergarten 1994
his favorite pastime ~ fishing
and talking on the phone ... he gets it from his Uncle JD and Dad

with Grandma and Grandpa ~ talk about a bad hair day

biking and juggling ~  I wish I had bought stock in bandages when he was a kid. We sure went through them.

father / son moments ~

cutting boughs for Christmas wreaths ... where's Sam ... climbing trees
sometimes it's hard for a Dad to say his kid was right
the fun Uncle ... out camping giving Bailey a ride on his shoulders

playing board games ~ he knew EVERY answer ... but they weren't always right
 ~ the Furbies ~
I think this next page is the perfect Sam page ... it truly shows his character

I can't tell you how many times in the last 22 years I have relied on Heavenly Guidance to keep him safe ... we Mom's are like that :)
Happy Birthday Sam I Am ... I wouldn't want you any other way.  It is truly an honor and pleasure to be your Mom.   I love you!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. sweet! happy b-day to your young man!

  2. You put a lot of work into those scrapbook pages. They look very nice! Happy birthday Sam!

  3. Great tribute to a good guy. We were impressed by Sam, a great hunter also. Loved the Bear he got. Impressive.
    Yes you have a right to be proud! Sam is welll SAM!

    Love from North Carolina
    Sherry & Jack

  4. Beautiful scrapbook. Happy Birthday, Sam!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sam.... I cannot believe that you have a child that young... Maybe that is because my sons are all in their 40's now... That shows how much older I am than you!!!!!!

  6. I hope Sam had a great day for his birthday. Wonderful scrapbooking on your part.

  7. Happy Birthday Rambo Sambo!
    So, did you get to take a dive in Solberg with the fish? You sure had a hot birthday! Your Auntie loves you too Bud. Hope your day was all you'd hoped it would be.
    Mel, I continue to love your scrapbook pages...I keep saying ' someday.' The SAM I AM, sure is your young fella, but my favorite is still that last one.

  8. What a lovely way to remember all the birthdays past. And as you said you can post them just because you can.

  9. Wonderful tribute, Mel! Son will appreciate it I'm positive. You are a "one of a kind" mother!

  10. Dr.Suess hit the nail on the head for 'Sam I Am."
    Love the scrap pages and your shorty son! He sure came a long way from where he started as your little 'rainbow bright' baby.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  11. RE: Betsy ~ I can't believe I have a child that young either!! I was 19 and 21 when I had my girls ... 31 when Sam came along. I call him my "oops baby ... I have the flu really bad and it's not going away" :) Talk about morning sickness that lasted all day long for nine months.

  12. Happy Birthday, Sam. The scrapbook pages are lovely.

  13. What a fantastic tribute! I absolutely love the scrapbook. You are so creative.