juneberries ~

No ... I'm not a month behind.  The Juneberries ripen in July around here. So off we go picking! 

I don't know if you're familiar with Juneberries or not ... do you have them in your neck of the woods?

The fruit resembles, in looks, of a big blueberry.  Actually, it is akin of the apple family, tasting  like a cross between a blueberry, a pear and an almond.  It's sometimes referred to as the poor man's blueberry.  Unlike the blueberry which grows on a bush, the juneberry grows on a small tree that is 8 to 15 feet in height like an apple tree.  The red berries are just about as sweet as the blue ones ... so when picking for jelly ... we use both.

Picking the Juneberries is a real treat for us.  We don't normally get many of them; but this year has been an exception.  The biggest threat to the Juneberries around here is a killing frost in the early spring ... freezing off the blossoms before fruit is able to set in.  Fortunate for us, that didn't happen this year.

The second and possibly the biggest reason that we don't get to pick them is because the birds, racoons and bear LOVE Juneberries and can strip a tree as fast as they ripen before we humans can get them.

So what does one do with Juneberries?  Well ... you know me ... put on some music, head to the kitchen and it's JAM TIME!!

Juneberry Jam

4 cups of juneberries
3 cups of sugar
1/4 cup water
zest and juice of 1/2 lemon

Put all the ingredients into a heavy sauce pan.  Cook for 15 minutes over medium heat.  Mash down the berries as they are cooking. Also, keep stirring it ... this is not a good time to walk away from the kettle.  It can burn very easily and it can over boil.  Trust me ... that is one sticky mess you do not want to deal with.  There is also no need to use pectin in this ~ as the juneberry is high in natural pectin like an apple.  It will thicken as it cooks.
Put into jars.
Seal and hot water bath for 10 minutes.

When I made the jam ~ after cooking the berries down I did strain off the majority of the pulp and seeds.  The juneberries aren't real seedy like a raspberry; but they are a little bit bigger than a raspberry seed.  I personally don't care for seedy jams ... just my preference :)  But it sure is good tasting.

Dear Hubby asked me if I could make him a raspberry doughgen for him to take into work tonight with some of the leftover juneberries.  I've never made that before ... but I guess I'll give it a whirl. 

Well ... now you know what I've been up to today.  Tomorrow, won't be as much fun :( 
 ... I have surgery in the morning to have a lumpectomy done.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit apprehensive about this but I guess all I can do is what I have always done.  Put my trust in God to see me through.

Have a wonderful day my friends and thanks for stopping in.  Now go fight off some bears and get yourself some juneberries and make some jam!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. We don't have those around here to my knowledge. They make pretty jam. Sending prayers for your surgery. Helen

  2. Hey sweetheart, we will be thinking of you and will call your name.
    Juneberries, never heard of them, must be a NOrth Woods thing?? But they sound delicious. I know they are not as big as cherries, but theat is the fruit down here that folks seldom get a big chance at harvest time, birds and critters get them.

    You always put something too pretty to be edible. I'm with you, I do not care for the seedy jams.

    Anyway we love you girl and will be thinking of you.
    Love from away down near the Suwannee(25 mi south) Sherry & Jack NO FISH TODAY!!!!! TOOOO HOT FOR THEM TO BITE!!!

  3. the berries and jam look yummy. i am hoping your surgery and subsequent biopsy, etc. will all be okay. :)

  4. We had something similar growing in the woods by our house in Bama, but they looked like tiny blueberries. I ate 'em and they were good...ha, and I'm still alive....Sheila

  5. Thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. Hope all goes well and you get back home, quick, to some toast or biscuits and some of that delicious looking jam!

  6. I'd never heard of Juneberries before this. Obviously I've never lived where they grow! They sound yummy!!

  7. I do believe you have identified my tree, dear Sissy. Juneberry, aka, Serviceberry do look familiar. I'm afraid the birds already had their way with mine. That must be what all the Cedar Waxwings were feasting on yesterday. Thanks for the ID. My prayers are with you for tomorrow, kiddo. You're at the very tippy-top of my prayer tree.

  8. Mel the Jam Lady ~ we will be holding you up in prayer through tomorrow - but you being who you are ... we pray for you every day!!! LOL
    'love & hugs from afar' dear sister

  9. Hi Mel, I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep us posted... God Bless...

    I've never heard of Juneberries---but I think you need to start a world-wide campaign to change their name to Julyberries....

    Now--tell us what doughgen is!!!! Like a doughnut????

  10. I pray that all goes well with the surgery! No, I hadn't heard of juneberries before.

  11. We have them but I was told they are sugar plums! We don't have a LOT of the trees so not enough to do anything with.

    Good luck with your surgery. I Do know how scary that is.

  12. As far as I know we don't have Juneberries but I will look them up and see if they will grow here. They sound great.
    Putting you in my prayers for a smooth surgery and great results. Let us know.

  13. The Jam looks good. I have never seen any berries like that.. Best of luck on your surgery and please let us know the results.

  14. We have a berry that fits the description that we call Saskatoons. If one and the same, ours are forming up nicely and should be ready soon. The bears really do love these berries. My Mom used to can quarts and quarts of these when we lived up north when I was a kid as that was the only free fruit around! We had Saskatoon everything. A Saskatoon and blueberry pie mixed is quite tasty, the Saskatoons adding that nice almondy taste.

    Hope all goes well wiyh that procedure. He is in control.

  15. Just checking back with you, Mel, to see what you found out. You have been on my mind... Hope everything is fine. God Bless.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  16. No Juneberries here but they sound interesting to try.... Jam looks very good.......Rosemary