puttin' up greens ~

It was time to do some harvesting ~ yeah!

We cut off some swiss chard and some beet greens from the garden.  I set up a washing station on the deck.  Three pans filled with water ~ swish swish in one, transfer to the second tub, more swishing and on to the third.

It worked out quite well ...
Look how dirty those beet greens were in tub #1

But they were squeaky clean by time they hit the final rinsing in tub #3
 ~ there's nothing worse than gritty sandy greens ~

Into the blanching kettle they go ~

This was our first cutting of greens from the garden.  I ended up with 4 quart bags of beet greens and 6 quart bags of swiss chard.  Into the freezer they went for this winters use.  Now I'm hungry for some Italian Wedding Soup ... I love using the beet greens in it in place of the spinach.  

My Grandlove Bailey was here when I was washing the greens.  She helped me with the rinsing process.  She was so cute.  She says to me, "Grandma, is this one of those odd jobs?"  I questioned her on what she meant.  She says, "you know, something you just don't do every day".  I asked her if she saw me washing greens on the deck every day??  She says matter of fact, "Nope, I guess my guess was right. This is one of those odd jobs."

Also, speaking of Bailey ... thought I'd share her pic again with one of the 'goldenticks' ... the new breed of dog they have at their place, a cross between the golden retriever and the blue tick hound. 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I sure would have thought you had more than that. Looks like tons.

    The Grandlove and the dog are adorable!


    What about rest do you not understand???

    Now I feel better, I do hope you are not pushing too hard, I ain't never had surgery, but I know that wasn't like removing a splinter.

    I love greens, they all look good and Bailey is cute, and I also love that name.
    From the mountains,(with a much lighter pocket book (tires)) But life is good!
    Sherry & Jack

  3. Yum! You'll love having those in the winter!

  4. I sure get it about the nothing worse than gritty greens...just had some spinach that didn't quite get clean...ended up pulling it out of my omelet this morning, just when I was so hungry for it.
    That Bails is the cutest kid...she sure has an understanding of one of those 'odd jobs.' Dang, that was a cute read.
    Do like Jack says and rest!

  5. Yum---those greens look delicious. When my Mom would cook kale greens, I remember that the flies would swarm around the screen door and windows.... (Funny the things we remember as kids)... ha

    I have a grandlove named BayLee also (just spelled different).

  6. What a doll that Bailey is! And learning from her Grandma early in her life things that she'll always remember. The greens look wonderful!

  7. My hubby should come live with you guys! He LOVES greens. I hate them. My mom used to fix dandelion greens AND fried dandelion blossoms!

  8. Sure seems like you've had one busy summer!
    I've missed reading you're posts, and I am looking forward to catching up with you. Hope that you're having a good week :)

  9. Speaking of 'greens'... we had spinach a few days ago and swiss chard tonight. I love eating 'fresh' from the garden! It's a toss up on who is cuter ... Baily or the pup ~ But Baily wins by a nose!
    'love & hugs from afar' See you next weekend:)

  10. That little Bailey is a doll. The pup was cute to.. No greens for us in any way, shape or form. Mom used to go out and pick dandelion greens also and cook them. When we had leaf lettice she always wilted it. That was good, but my brothers and dad ate it but you could tell they would have preferred something else. Dad loved his spinach One think I dreaded was the day mom would say "lets go pick gooseberry's and .I will make a pie. There was not enough sugar in this world to sweeten those plus it hurt to pick them because they were stickery.