goldenticks ~

I'm going to share an email that I received today from my daughter Staci.  She and her husband raise the breed Blue Tick bear hounds.  These dogs are not raised as pets and house dogs; they are raised and trained for the sole purpose of hunting bear.  They also have a female Golden Retriever that is the family pet.  I just love Staci's sense of humor :) about a situation that has taken place.  She emailed this letter out to a bunch of their hunting friends.

You've heard of Labradoodles (lab and poodle mix), Puggles (pug/beagle), Pompoo(
Pomeranian/Poodle) etc?  You know, those whoopsies that happen in the yard, and then the owners turn a mishap into the latest trend?
Well I've got a deal for you!  New to the market (if I'm not mistaken).......Goldenticks......yep that's right! A Golden Retriever and Blue Tick cross....A hound that could be the families most loyal best friend, not only will he chase game, he'll bring it back!  
No more babysitter, this family dog will have the stamina to play with the kids ALL DAY!  Don't worry about the big bad wolf coming into the yard, these dogs have a horn on them and will let you know if a critter is about, and will probably chase it away.
Don't miss out on this a part of the next big trend!!!
Price is negotiable.......allow 6-8 weeks for delivery........but act now before they're gone!

Yep ~  their Golden Retriever, Cedar, had a little midnight get together with one of the hounds and they have four little puppies.  Now I suppose I could go into the Bob Barker mode and lecture about getting your pet's spade and neutered, but they already know that.  They are really good dog handlers and this truly was a mishap that they were not expecting.   I know they'll find good homes for the little buggers. 

So if you hear of the new breed of dogs out there called the Goldenticks ~ you know where they originated.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Glad this was about puppies. Saw the title and thought it was going to be about ticks. My skin is crawling, just thinking about them. (ticks, not puppies)

  2. I love the way Staci put it.hahaha I love pictures of mama's and their puppies. Cedar is a beautiful dog, what color.
    Love from down here.
    PS: Don't you know it is late! 1:40 if my clock is right. heading for the sack.

    OH>>>>>>> Love you!!!

  3. The golden is beautiful and I bet the puppies are adorable. You post a good post. I just noticed your "TIME FOR PERSPECTIVE". Just made the decision. that is how I am going out plus I will be fat, even though I don't want to be.

  4. OH, this is such a funny story! At first I thought it was going to be about TICKS. Puppies are so darn cute...

  5. That is so funny. Goldenticks sound like the perfect dog. Can't wait to see what one looks like all grown up.

  6. 3rd attempt at commenting grrrrrrrrrrr

    a Goldentick surprise, are any of the pups golden? I only see blacks.
    Syrus wants to know if you are really colorblind. Great to see you yesterday. That kid sure lovesya.

  7. Funny! I have five "designer" dogs at my house, the most comically named being the Shih Tzu/Poodle, AKA, the "Shiht-Poo," although a friend insists my Shih Tzu/Terrier is "Shiht-ier"!!

  8. Well now...I've heard it all. Whoever ...? A Goldentick would be much better that that little black tick I brought home on my shoulder last trip to the cabin! ☻☻☻☻☻

  9. Well---sounds like the perfect dog one could have.... Love your daughter's personality... Now--she will have to find out which one of those Blue Tick's is the Papa.... She'll want him to pay child support ---and help Mama with her liter. ha ha

    Cute story.