family time ~

After a long stretch ... our son Sam and his significant other ~ Ashley, and their dog, Amber have finally found their own place to call home.  We all got together tonight for a little birthday party for Sam.

They found a place to rent in the trailer court by Comfort Cove Resort on Solberg Lake.  It's really a nice little place ... including the use of the resorts beach.  SWEET! Now they only have to drive 3 miles to work instead of 20... sweeter yet!!

Sara wears shirts with some pretty good sayings on them.  In case you can't read the fine print it says:

As you are standing there talking to me, 
I want you to understand 
that I will be making fun of you 
as soon as you walk away.

Where's a hard ball when you need it?

I just love days like this :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That looks like a really nice place to be, right by the lake.

  2. Beautiful pictures and looks like great fun. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

  3. happy birthday to your son, sam. and that place looks like it is heaven for doggie amber! :)

  4. I enjoyed all the photos but especially the one of the dog by itself in the water. Nice shots!

  5. Love those tall trees, looks cool.

  6. Oh what fun! So happy for Sam & Ash to find a place on Solberg ~ I LOVE that lake.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. What beautiful scenery to celebrate Sam's birthday in. Happy Birthday Sam and more joy in your life for the future.

  8. Yesirree, that's Solberg, full of fun and family!
    As for the boys playing with the Bean Bag Boards, they aughta lie down and let you guys play.
    What fun and what a gorgeous sunset.
    Let's Camp!!!!!

  9. It sounded and looked like you had a great time!

    Thanks for sharing