dr mom ~

Sometimes a kiss and a bandage aren't enough.  We need our drugs!

I grew up in a large family, 9 kids running around ~ and Mom did not run us into the doctors office over every little accident that happened.  Although, there were times when I really had to question her judgement call on a few incidents.  Granted, this was back in the 50's through the 70's that she had a house full of kids ... and Mom's seemed to take care of those things better than the Mom's of now days, who have their little ones in the ER over the littlest sniffles. 

Mom was, and still is, one of these put a bandage on it, give a little kiss on the forehead (checking for a fever) kind of "healers".  She also liked to dabble in the herbal medicines.  There were plenty of times I remember her smashing up a plantain leaf, putting it on an open wound, covering it up with a bandage for 24 hours so the infection could be drawn out. Or she'd have us drinking raspberry juice for fevers, or she and Granny B. would cook up some kind of goop to smear on your chest for a bad cold.

BUT ... to this day, and I'm sure until her dying day ... she still has this big hang up about narcotic drugs.  Now, mind you ~ she is in her 80's, I'm in my 50's, my oldest sister is in her 60's (more on her later).  Anyhoooooooo.... Mom just has it in her head that if you take pain killers ... you WILL become addicted.

Oh, you won't notice it at first; but if you take that full prescription it will alter your thinking and before you know it ... you'll be addicted ... and then you'll be asking for a refill on it ... the doctor will prescribe it ... because that's what they do ... they get you started then let you on it for awhile until you're addicted ... then they doctor you for the addiction with some other drugs to get you off of the one they started you on ... it's  all "job security" for them ... all the doctors these days are in 'cahoots' with the pharmaceutical companies ... it's a vicious circle!!!

Oh Momma! Some days you drive me crazy ... crazier than I already am.  

Now... as you know, if you follow my blog, on the 14th of this month I under went a little surgery on my breast.  I had a lumpectomy / with a partial mastectomy done.  I was given a prescription for pain ... and I NEEDED IT!  Dear sweet momma comes over.  She gives me my kiss ... then she notices the prescription bottle sitting on the cupboard and reads it.  It says I can have 1 to 2 pills every 4 to 6 hours, as needed for pain.

It's only day 2 after my surgery.  I'm hurting.  Mom asks, "how many of these narcotics have you taken so far?"  Oh boy ... I know where this is going already.  I told her I'm doing just what the bottle says, I'm taking 4 to 6 pills every 2 to 4 hours.  HA!!! Do I know how to rattle a cage or what?

I know, I can be sarcastic sometimes; maybe it's because my mind has been altered so many times from narcotics over the years.  I'm using that for my excuse these days :)

Well ...

The other day, my oldest sister had to undergo surgery.  She had to have her toe amputated.  Ouch!!

I got a phone call from Mom, she's giving me the update on how things are going for her.  Guess what she says?  Yep ... you guessed it.  She says that they (the doctors) prescribed her some pain killers and she can take them every 4 to 6 hours ... and so far she's taking them every 4 hours.  She isn't able to hold off and take them at least every 6 hours.  She's worried about her taking too many and becoming addicted.  "Mercy!  Momma it's only the second day.  She's not going to become addicted!"

I need to go and dig up some roots of something and smash them against my head!!

I know she means well ... and I love her dearly ... but some days ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh, how the memories flash back on this one Mel. Just yesterday over talk across the berry row with her, she expressed that concern for you and Lin. I, too, tried to assure her by telling her how much those same pain killers helped me through a very rough time when I had my back surgery and bone grafts. I told her how I 'loved ' those narcotics to help me through. She is, and always will, worry about that very thing, forever. Grams B. never took any of hers the ' one ' time in her life that she was prescribed them for the very same reason, ' The Fear Factor.' At the end of the conversation, she got frustrated with me and said ' Whatever! ' We will always be her little ones.
    Good read! Glad you're feeling better!
    BlessYourHeart and SaveYourSoulFromThoseNastyPills...ROFL

  2. :) too funny. god bless your mom!

  3. Bless her heart for watching out over you .... as moms will forever! And although we roll our eyes, as children of any age will do, would we have it any different? Nope! I miss my mom so much.

    I sometimes worry that if I really need it, am I alert enough to remember when I last took it! I know, silly!

  4. Well---your Mom is more right than wrong I'm sure.. We don't need those powerful drugs in our bodies. These days --the doctors don't know anything BUT to give us those powerful meds...

    George has a new medication for this back pain ---and you should read the side effects.. Dang--think I'd rather have the back pain!!!! ha ha

    I prefer the 'herbal' way if possible --or to find a wholistic doctor who won't prescribe medication at the drop of a hat....

    God Bless Your Mom...

  5. I KNOW YOUR MOM! haha
    Bastiaans mom is like that too. Bless your mom! She seems like a great lady!

    And yeah! stay away from those pills and don't be such a sissy! ;-)

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  6. Now Mel, you and I both know that MOM is VERY set in her ways (about much more than medications I might add) and I highly doubt that will ever change. Just love her and carry on!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. I absolutely love this post!! I was the baby of 10 kids but thank goodness I had the protection of older sisters when they were home. My mom has been gone for years but believe me when I say that cooked goop, yes, or musterole that smelled to the high heavens This is to funny cause she is getting you girls good.. You have a knack for weaving a wonderful post that is great.

  8. Love this post but I'm of the age to be a little bit on your Mama's side. I remember going to a doctor one time growing up. The doctor never did come in (probably out delivering a baby) so we went home and Mama put some goop on my rash that wouldn't heal before and I guess it was ready to heal because it did. Never went to the dentist either so the first time I went after being grown I had a mouthful of cavities. Ouch!

  9. While I believe everyone needs pain relief on occasion, I'm insanely leery of pain killers and drugs in general. And I don't believe too many doctors have our best interest at heart. With that said, I won't even admit that I'm inclined to side with your Mama. So, I'll side with being informed, cautious and conservative.

    I'm seeing your weather and jealous of the 75 degrees! How wonderful!

  10. I have a son who will not argue with me, nod, yes sir! (Then he does what he wants to.) haha

    yep I know the mind set of mom. I have heard it from many. They actually practice what they preach, but many have not faced certain physical decisions. I tend to not sympathize because I stay in pretty good health, I have to make myself think and understand anothers situation and position.
    I know you will do what you think is best, and you should. After all you are almost grown!!! Hahaha. I laugh, because until his death, my dad never I grew up.

    Love you and hope you are healing and Slim is treating you good.
    Sherry & jack heading out.
    PS:YOu spin a very good story!!!!

  11. Your mom sounds like a hoot.

  12. Oh Mel! Do I ever understand where you are with your Mom about the drugs. My goodness, yes. Haha. I heard a great statement recently. A doctor said, "People only become addicted to prescription drugs if that take it when the pain has disappeared." I really should blog about that part of my story. We were raised without medicine. Period. I never took as much as an aspirin tablet until I was 18 years old and living away from home! Thanks for the Great post! Very enjoyable reading.

  13. An enjoyable post. I side with your Momma though I'm sure there are times some pain relief is needed right after an operation. I don't even have aspirin in the house and try and use herbal concoctions. I'm only in my late 50s.