friends of the garden ~

Last evening I took a ride with my daughter Staci to one of her meetings of the organization called Friends of the Garden.  It's  a group of people that have a shared interest ~ gardening.   They get together once or twice a month ~ share gardening ideas, go on little field trips to each others places, visit nurseries, make things for their gardens, share ideas as to what grows where and companion gardening, have perennial exchanges, etc... as Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

After these little tours, you come away with ideas and dreams for your own garden :)  

Our tour was at Deb & Fred O's place ~ what gracious hosts!

here's a bee balm I don't have
I'll have to remember that when it comes time for the perennial exchange.

blue delphiniums and red  lilies are very pretty planted next to each other

Deb is very artsy crafty ... 
(she's the school's art teacher)
this is Lola
the overseer of the rock garden.
Lola was Deb's first creation in cement. 
I think I need a Lola for my garden ~ or better yet a Maxine!

I didn't get a picture of the cement crow she's working on; but did get a photo of her hand in progress.

She also has an awesome bench and chair and flower pots made of cement.

Notice in the background, up on the deck ~ a cement and tile butterfly chair.  
Where does she come up with these ideas?
checking out Fred's veggies ... enclosed in the fenced in area to keep the critters out
Deb has five different kinds of garlic planted.  
I didn't even know there were five different kinds. Ha!

a bottle cap covered bluebird house

flowers tucked in everywhere

Deb even has a horse ... that's where Brooke spent her time

remember those old insulators?
Lovin' the Lilies!

Once again .... a beautiful way to spend an evening.  Strolling the garden,  catching up with friends.  That's what it's all about :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. really neat place they have. they obviously put a lot of love and creativity into it.

  2. Wow, Mel, thanks so much for the lovely pictures and for the nice post! :) It was fun having you all at my garden!

    And Mel, the bee balm you saw is bee balm but those purple flowers were some drumstick allium that were hidden in amongst the monarda! I will give you some of each if you like! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL garden! Sounds like a lovely way to share your passion with others. I love the bee balm especially!

  4. God made a beautiful world, then he gave gifted people like Deb and you to take care of it. Your gardens are beautiful.

  5. I enjoy seeing the gardens of other, since the only thing around my yard, that flourishes without a hand, is sago palms. I hate sago palms.

  6. Hi Mel! I'm a friend of Debi's & just had to check out the photos of yesterday's Friends of the Garden get together. They're beautiful!

  7. Wow!, nice of Staci to take you along. So when is your tour? I love Deb's artsy concrete creations. I wonder if the hand is going to be a birdbath and how does she move them? or are they made Johnny-On-the-Spot? Can't wait to see more...5 kinds of garlic? Great day for you, Mel. Glad you got to go. Also glad you are feeling better.
    Love that Brooke and the horse pic.

  8. Thanks for the stroll thru Deb's garden. the colors are so vivid and inspiring. It gives you a good feeling. I like the cement work, that takes some doing.
    The last bright red lily is some flower. That is a great hobby.
    BTW I thought Garlic was GARLIC!

    Love from down here,
    jack & Sherry!

  9. Well I thought garic is garlic but what do I know? I love the bottle cap bird house. Oh now I forgot what else I was going to say, guess it wasn't important. Nice time you had and thats good.

  10. What a beautiful garden, and photos. Deb is very gifted and creative. Nice work by the both of you.

    Have a nice weekend.
    Dianne :)

  11. The best way to start out the day. A stroll through so many pretty flowers. I love coming to your blog cause you usually have food or flowers. Both my favorite.