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 I have CHF ... Congestive Heart Failure

This drawing is my latest 'road map' of my problem areas.  Yeppers... 10 places ~ and those are just the ones that are in the major arteries that the doctor drew out.  Where it shows the stents; that's where I had blockages of over 90% already repaired 3 years ago.  All this other blockage is since then.  Oh if it could be so simple as sending the roto router man in and flushing the pipes.  Nothing can be done to repair this mess until it's over 70% blockage; so right now I'm literally like a walking time bomb.  My blockage  can change 'in a heart beat'.

It's a condition in which the heart can’t pump enough blood to the rest of the body like it should.  In some people with CHF the heart can’t fill with enough blood. With others, the heart can’t send enough blood to the rest of the body with enough force. Oh lucky #7 (that's me) ... I have both problems.

Here's a list of some of my symptoms of CHF:

    * a dry hacky cough
    * can't concentrate and don't feel very alert ~ sometimes it's just a chore to think
    * feel like I have to pee and don't
    * I want to sleep; but can't
    * I feel so weak and tired
    * sometimes my heart feels like it's right up in my throat
    * I'm hungry; but just can't eat
    * nausea; you feel like 'if I could just puke' it would all go away; kinda like a bad hangover
    * my head aches; neck aches; body aches, arms hurt, legs hurt
    * sure... now I feel like sleeping; but now I have to get up every 10 minutes to pee; but don't
    * I'm short of breath all the time whether I do something or not
    * did I mention moody?
    * my abdomen swells up like I'm 20 months pregnant like a big ol' elephant
    * my legs and feet swell ... my skin feels like it's going to crack
    * I can gain or lose 15 pounds of weight in a 2 days!

This is what happens as the  heart's pumping action is lost, blood may back up into other areas of the body, including the:

    * Gastrointestinal tract, arms, and legs (right-sided heart failure)
    * Liver
    * Lungs (left-sided heart failure)

Most areas of the body can be affected when both sides of the heart fails.


So y'all... (notice... I'm practicing my southern talk ... lol)

If I start getting goofier than normal ... accept it ... we'll just call it my new normal.  I guess the brain doesn't like it when the heart doesn't give it enough oxygen.  Go figure.

With all those  blockages ... am I running half full or half empty?  That is the question?

Okay... enough of this wallowing in self pity.

image from the internet

Until next time....
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mel, You said it all in the scrapbook page you put together. We are going to share more of those "breath taking" moments this summer... not hanging over the saurkraut-crock-breath-taking moments but watching the waves crash onto the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior type moments!! :)

  2. Ditto what Cher suggests Mel........more of those wave crashing moments.....or laying in the water, watching the waves color the Lake Superior agates....remember how cold but therapeutic that was?
    You hang in there girl.
    I love you and need you sweet sis. Your strength has always been in your determination.
    Blessings Be Yours

  3. I hear you Mel, hope your friends and family understand your physical limitations. Your body just can't do what your mind tells you to do. You need to be waited on and taken care of until you at least feel stronger. I realize that it is difficult to make people near to us understand our frailty. Hugs my dear friend.

  4. Hang in there, and take care of yourself. Hopefully with rest you will get alittle better.

  5. :( I send you my biggest bestest healing hugs. I'm so sad to hear of your heart problems. Please, take good care of yourself and mind your doctor.

    You can say or act any way the mood hits, I don't mind a bit. ;)

    I love the scrapbook page. It truly sums up the importance of life in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    My positive healing thoughts and prayers are with you always, my friend.

  6. I really really want to thank you for explaining CHF . . . thank YOU! It is truly amazing to me how CHF effects in ways I would have never thought it would relate too . . . with what you have described & all that you do, are involved in, your great spirit . . . I would have never ever known you have this . . . your breath gif, absolutely positively perfect!

    Faith & Love, my friend, Faith & Love are healing you more & more, moment by moment :)

    You are ALWAYS in my Prayers, Well Wishes & Warmest of Warm Thoughts :)

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  7. Wow... thank you dear friends for such encouragement! Also, thanks for the compliment on the scrapbook gif; it's pretty cool ... isn't it? But it's not one of mine. I found it on the internet... but when I found it I said to self, "that's it in a nutshell".

  8. Mel, thanks for the snow angel collage -
    he'll love it. Like I told you on the phone, he
    was DETERMINED he was going to make a snow angel- he heard that the last time we had snow on
    Christmas Eve and Christmas was 1929...not sure
    if that is right or wrong but he was flapping his wings regardless - lol.
    Please get lots of deserved rest...you truly have to
    learn to slow the pace Mel. Pull out the old paper and
    pen and sketch, drink hot cocoa, take a warm bath...
    just slow down. I know its hard for you but I know
    you can do it.
    I love the breathe post - I saw the saying two days ago when I took Mike to the cardiologist - and commented on it to the receptionist. Isn't it crazy that you posted it the next day??? awesome.
    Love ya much, me

  9. We will be holding you in our thoughts and prayers. Love and communication knows no physical limitations so keep loving and keep communicating. You have so much to share! May God bless you with healing and strength. Laura