my beast~

I too have a beast ... like my friend Holly

Here's a photo of my beast.  It's not the same beast as Holly's; but in the same species.  It sits in my office ... right behind my chair ... daunting and menacing ... calling me to just jump on so it can exhaust me and toss me to the curb.   It's ugly and hates me; but I will conquer it!!

It has a name.  It's called a Gazelle ... but I call it Hell.

Hell knoweth no fury like a woman scorned.
My body has been scorned and abused by the years of bad choices.  It's true... you are what you eat ... but this year things are on the mend.  I will tame my wild beast and possibly one day look at my beast and call it by it's given name... Gazelle.

Sam's cooking with the BIG kettle again.

What's in it you ask?

A wicked batch of chili.  He's cooking it up for himself and his buddies at the ice fishing shack. I must admit... that kid can cook!  (when he wants to)

This is my problem.  I live in a household of great cooks.  We love food.  HELP!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mel, my friend, you sooooo have the way of it! I don't even know the name of my Beast - I didn't bother to learn it. I figured we'd never like each other anyway, so there was no point in getting to know each other better. One day, though, that just might change.... :D

    So, you wanna be a Peeler, eh? Well, consider it done: You're on the list! Woo-hoo! *does the Happy Dance* :D

    Thanks for linking to me, doll. That's a sweet thing to do... ♥

  2. just don't call it exercise, call it revenge on our can do it...I have seen you do it before.

    Sam called tonight for a recipe for chili, so how did it turn out...sure looks 'mean' enough...what a great kid

    Bless You Both

  3. Ahhh. The beast. She i a beauty in a nd the chili....oh yum! Even more beautiful!

  4. You know, I'd be fine if we didn't need food to exist. lol There's the catch! I used to have a "beast" of my own but I sold it before moving. There was no way it was going to taunt me in my new dwelling.