down the trail~

On my walk today ~
down the trail and through the woods to G'ma's house we go.
When I got all the way through the trail where I could see G'ma's house (my Mom) I could see she wasn't home, so I turned around and came right back. It made my walk a little longer than intended; but I made it none the less. 

It was a pretty snowy walk.

The snow on the log shows how much snow we got last night.

I try to stay pretty close to the center of the trail so I don't get snow falling off the trees ... down my neck.  Not a pleasant thing to have happen.

Snow on the pine boughs.

An old tree stump that the birds are using for a winter home.  That's Lake Inferior in the background aka. also known as the pond.

More snowy branches to navigate around.

My walking stick.

Only have to cross another 80 acres ~ and I'll be back home.

~~ a new project or should I say a very old one:
I have an old oak table that I want to refinish.  I've been meaning to get at for years and last night Sam and I finally dug it out of the corner in the garage and started on it.

It's a five legger.

When finished ... it should make a pretty nice little table for down in the family room for playing cards or board games on.... or maybe even a scrapbooking table.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. How I wish I had been with you. It was beautiful. And Wow, did you see my blog today? We took the same pine needle picture, girly. How funny.

    Your table is going to be great when you finish it. It's a lot of work but so worth it. I cringed the first few swipes with the sander on mine, but look how wonderful it is restored.

    Game On
    Bless Ya

  2. Beautiful walk ~ I love that trail, year round. Good luck with your table project. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful.

  3. Oh Melody, What a gorgeous walk you must have had. I use hiking sticks when we hike. It's almost like having another leg...

    Your snow is beautiful. I love it when it clings to all of the pine trees. WOW!!!! I'm so envious.

    Bet your table will turn out gorgeous. Show us a picture when it's finished. Okay????

    Have a great day!!!!

  4. A beautiful walk with mom at the end of it (when she's home)! What could be better. I am so glad that you tolerated the walk. Take care.:)

  5. Breathtaking snow photos! Wow! I would be totally enchanted in a wonderland like you live in. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty with us.

    I always wished I could do refinishing work, but I've never tried it.
    I hope you'll post some more pictures of your table as you go along. I know it'll look fabulous when you get it finished or re-finished. lol :)

  6. Thanks for the walk through the woods,
    looks beautiful. Too bad Poncho isn't around
    to pull you on a flying saucer! Miss those days.

    Refinishing project looks good - I bet that'll
    be a beautiful table. I've seen a five legger before,
    they're neat. It'll make an awesome game table.
    I think you should bring it with you in Feb!!

    Will talk to you soon - love ya, me