it's just $ ~

Last night ... just for S'sG's&G's ...  DH and I took a drive over to LCO for the prime rib buffet and to drop some dresser change in the slot machines.

As luck would have it ...  I had none.  My allotment of change was long gone and I was just sitting around watching others attempt at the big lotto.  As I was sitting, patiently watching Slim try his luck on this one machine there was a little old lady sitting next to him.  They had struck up a conversation while sitting there plunking their quarters... just small chatter about the weather... luck on gambling... etc...

Well... as I'm sitting back... silently observing and every once in awhile getting up and strolling around the casino and coming back to watch some more ~ I watch this little old gal win a $200 jackpot SEVEN TIMES!!  Not once does she make a scene about it ... whooping and hooping like these other guys were over on the craps table.  She just quietly puts the money away and keeps on playing.  Twice I saw the attendant have to come over and give her a pay ticket... so that meant her winnings were over $1000 each of those times.

Then... to my shock and surprise...
She cashes out a hand full of quarters out of her machine and puts them in a cup and turns to me and says, "Happy Birthday... go play with these." What!!! I couldn't believe her.  I told her I couldn't do that. I didn't even know her. How did she know it was my birthday? She says, "Oh yes you can.  It's just money and I have lots of it.  I'm just here to have something to do and I've been winning all day.  I knew it was your birthday because I saw you spin the birthday wheel when you walked in the door."   After much convincing on her part ...  I took those quarters and won $71.00.  I couldn't believe it!! That  gal was as happy for me as I was for myself.  She refused to let me repay her... and she wouldn't even tell me her name.  PLUS ... Slim was down on his luck and ready to call it a night and I gave him $10 of my winnings and he made another $100.00!!  So all in all ... that woman had the midas touch and she shared it with us :).

So...   Sweet lucky gal at the casino ~ whomever you are ~  THANK YOU!!  You really made our day!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. She gave you some "lucky" quarters.,lol

  2. So, lucky lady, share the wealth...she did and I could use a quarter or two. Just kidding but that sure was sweet of her to be so generous to a complete stranger...that is soooo cool.
    You were Blessed

  3. it couldn't have happened to a better person! A birthday to remember!

    HA! Well it sounds like you had a garet birthday.ENJOY!

  5. Thats just great, just when you think people are not as nice as they use, you meet a nice person. And what a way to make your day, its always amazing when this happens. Couldn't have happened to a better person. Congrats!!

  6. You did the perfect thing by passing it forward.
    Some things are just meant to be and this sounds
    like one of them. Love it. Glad you had a
    sweet birthday woman.
    And speaking of sweet, thanks for the Teddy
    cake recipe. The cake was great, but my
    frosting - glaze- wasn't very good, and I know
    it had to be me, cuz Jers was always so good.
    I used regular sugar, and am thinking it should
    have been powdered...??

  7. RE:colleen
    My frosting on my cake didn't turn out too good either... and I was wondering too if it should have been powdered sugar. It sure is a tasty cake though ~ but not one that you would eat too often; because it is a sweet one. No wonder Jeri (and Mom) would only let Dad have it once a year.

  8. Melody,
    I'm thinking I'll try it with powdered sugar the
    next time - lol.

  9. Hi Melody, Wow--what a neat birthday... That woman was there JUST for you (and hubby)... Wonder if you'll ever see her again???? Maybe she was one of those 'angels' which are all around us --and helping us in little ways and in big ways????? Hmmmmmm---that's something to think about.

    Glad you did well--and had a wonderful birthday..

  10. I love stories like this! What a wonderful memory to have. I wish she'd of told you her name. She sounds such a sweet lady to have for a lucky charm. ;)

    Happy belated birthday, my friend! Wishing you a winning week of blessings and happiness!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday My Dear Friend!

    I read your story & was smiling all the way through then my smile really grew when you mentioned the lady handing you a cup of quarters with a wonderful wish "Happy Birthday" . . .my smile grew for inside I heard "Angels really do walk among us"

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~