it's cold~

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Remember Chilly Willy?  I loved him.  He was one of my favorite cartoon characters. 

It's cold here in northern Wisconsin today ... tonight we're already at -15°F and that's without the windchill factor added on.  So it really feels like -30° F.  Not the best weather for our fisheree; but what are you going to do.  We have no control over the weather.  It'll be a good weekend no matter what.  We're prepared for it.  We'll have 3 huge heated tents set up for warming up in.  Plus all the raffle tables and food tables and the auction area is all in the tents too.  We're expecting around 1,000 people to turn out for the event ... I hope the weather doesn't deter them too much.  We're a tough breed of people up here in the north!  

What it's not good weather for though is furnace problems.  Unfortunately, that's what we have going on right now.  The main circuit board on our gas furnace needs to be replaced.  We heat our house with wood all winter long and the gas furnace is our back up; but we use the blower on the gas furnace to force the hot air through our duct work in the house.  
We did luck out though on the problem ... being the blower on the furnace won't kick off when the thermostat reaches the temperature that we have the furnace temperature set at.  Not turning off is a lot better than not turning on ~ this way we at least have heat.  
So... we have the furnace set at 70 degrees; but the blower keeps going and the house keeps warming up as long as we have the outside wood boiler going.  So instead of the house maintaining it's temperature it just keeps raising.  This afternoon it was 87 degrees in the house ... and I had 2 windows open!  Not exactly what you want to be doing when it's -30 below.
 I ordered a new circuit board online this afternoon.  It's coming from California ~ next day express to the tune of $300.00 ... boy ... I hope it gets here tomorrow and that it works!!!  I'm bummed that we have to have this kind of expense to deal with; but what can you do.  You have to have heat.  In the meantime... 
Tomorrow is my pie baking day for the fisheree.  That means my oven will be going all morning ... so the temperature will be going up a few more notches in the house.  I'll have to crack open more windows. lol  Hopefully, the new circuit board will get here and the repair guy will be able to come back and put it in before I have to head to the flowage for setting up for the fisheree Saturday. 

Never a dull moment.
It's a full moon tonight.
I just went outside and took a night time picture of the moon and the smoke coming out of the smoke stack of our wood shed.  It's kinda eerie looking ~

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods. 


  1. Wow, furnace troubles...and in this bitter cold...we have minus-21 degrees this morning...and the wind is supposed to pick up...thank God for consistent wood heat.
    Bake, Bake, Bake and
    Bless Your Heart Sis

  2. So are you baking in the buff?? Just a minute, I have to get that image out of my brain. LOL
    Hope all works out with your furnace and the fisheree :)

  3. G'mornin, Mel. **waves** How are you doing today? Had a rough one last night, but got through it intact; how are YOU holding up so far?

    I'm trying to figure out a way I can subscribe to you, so that I get some kind of email notice that you've posted. I'm horrible about remembering to check on non-Bravenet blog friends (just ask them and they'll tell you)...

    Anyway, I hope you're able to sort things out with your furnace. That kind of cold really sucks, and I know what it's like to deal with that and not have a properly working furnace...

  4. It must’ve been quite a fiasco! Although you really had to have heat, it can be worrisome if your furnace isn’t turning off. Not only will the temperature keep on rising, it could also lead to other problems and damage later on. Anyway, I just hope you were able to get it fixed immediately. That way, you could simply adjust it to the temperature you want, or easily turn it off when it's not needed.

    Harvey Chapman @ Liberty Comfort Systems