got the boot~

I need to go boot shopping today ... so I have something warm on my feet for the fisheree this coming Saturday. 

Yesterday on my walk I had a major blowout on my right tire!!  Needless to say ... my heel was about as frozen as a popsicle by time I got back home.  Snow and a holey boot don't mix well together.  So now it 'got the boot' ... right into the garbage can.  I needed a warmer pair anyways; but I just wasn't planning on boot shopping this week.  That pair of boots had a lot of miles on them.  I really liked them.  The tread was worn thin, as was the lining; but they were so comfortable and light weight for walking in.  I hope I can find another pair I like as well.  
I'm off to see the accountant this afternoon and getting the taxes done.  Wish me well!!  I wonder if my boots qualify as a deduction?

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you come back often!

  2. Good luck with your boot shopping ~ and with the accountant :)

  3. I'm sorry about you're blow out, but Congrats on the new boots, they'll probably come in handy at the tax office. lol You know how deep things get in dealing with all that paperwork. Whew, it can be complicated...

    Just dropping by to say 'Howdy'
    I hope your week is a wonderful!

  4. Brrrr...I just tossed a pair for the same reason...try PFPetro...who knows, you might get lucky and you can bet they will be warm...
    Hate Tax Time..