got the boot 2~

Look at my new tires!
Love the tread on them??
I even purchased a new pair of wool socks to wear in them.
I had to go and do some serious boot shopping yesterday after my disastrous blowout on my boot the other day.  I needed something warm and with some tread on it for my winter walks.  This pair was a little bit heavier than I had hoped for; but I'll just look at them as ankle weights and imagine the extra calories they are helping me burn as I push my way through the snow and the brush.  I also wanted something heavy enough to help keep the toes warm while standing out on the ice for 8 hours at a crack... especially this coming weekend for the fisheree.  We're in a cold streak right now.  Our predicted high this week is a balmy 12 °F  ... not exactly tropical weather out there.  Good thing we have these huge heated tents that we set up for the fisheree. 
I know I go on and on about the fisheree ... but it is such a great cause that we have it and I have to put a plug in for it whenever I can:)
We also went to see our tax man yesterday... and he wasn't in ... so another appointment today.  Happy happy, joy, joy.  I hate doing my taxes; but I guess it's just a part of living here in the USA ... the joy of filing taxes.
I also need to stop in at the grocery store today and pick up some ingredients to get the pies made on Friday.  The pies are for the pie auction at the fisheree(photo page - I'm the one in braids - kind of like 'Where's Waldo' lol).  Last year, my strawberry rhubarb pie sold for $80!!  This year I'm making a strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb custard, peanut butter cup pie, coconut caramel drizzle, raspberry and a blueberry.  I guess someone else is doing the apple and pecan.  Anybody out there want to come and join me in my kitchen for a day of pie??? Come on over!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Glad to see your tootsies will be toasty...nice Up North boots.

    Sounds like the Suicide Awareness Fisheree is going to be another big one. It is a good cause.

    Have fun making pies. Maybe I will run out after the funeral and my Dr. appt. to smell the goodness.

    Bless Your Heart

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by. Love the snowy look of your blog.

    I do have dreams of muddy boots, hence the name of my blog. But I must admit to not having snowy dreams, as long as the snow stays on the mountains, we are happy.


  3. Nice treads! They look like my Alaskan artic boots. Bake away ~ I'm sure your pie was worth every penny of that $80.00. Best wishes for a good turn out for the fisheree.

  4. oops I spelt ARCTIC wrong... dang.

  5. Cool boots Mel.:) Your pies sound delicious, hope you make big bucks!

  6. Hey Mel! Yep, we'll conquer The Beast together - just as soon as you come over to my house and threaten it with awful things if it hurts me. :D

    Seriously, though, thanks for coming by to visit. It was awesome to see you! :) Oh, and if you wanna be one of my Peeler Buds, just let me know. I know that you know that being a Peeler Bud means doing the work, too, so yeah, if you wanna be added, just lemme know. :)